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Wordpress Help

First off my site is gone, so I guess I have to start from scratch and install it again.

I gather that the steps are
FTP the .zip into the public_html folder in /domains/ folder.

From there I execute the zip file from Direct Admin File Manager.

Then I copy the index file from the wordpress folder to the root folder and edit it to point to the wordpress folder? This is where I'm lost?

Do I leave a copy of the index.php file in the worpress folder as well as a copy in the root folder, and by root I'm assuming the folder where "bash" "bashrc" "cshrc" and such files are?

Also how do I edit the index.php to point to the worpress folder.

My original installation was the three folders admin, content, and includes as well as all the PHP files in directly in the public_html folder I edited the config.pho file with my info from Direct_Admin and it worked like that.

I backed up the files today to my hard drive and tried a new theme which destroyed the site. I used file zilla to delete my folders and PHP files and uploaded my BU and all I get now is a blank page.

I tried deleting the htaccess file and still no go. I really screwed up here. So if I have to do it over again, I want to do it right this time!

Any help I sure would appreciate it!
WOW I really screwed up here, I tried uploading Wordpress new version completely into the public_html folder and I still get the same thing, I don't know how to get my website back up and running. Shocked
When I upload wordpress to it's folder "wordpress that i create on frihost server i get this error.


You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
Apache/2 Server at Port 80

If I upload it directly, all three folders and the php files, directly into the public_html folder I get nothing, just a white blank page.

I'm starting with a new version of wordpress, I was unable to access the site anyother way than Direct Admin, and I had not backed up on frihost through direct admin, I used FileZilla to my hard drive. I deleted all the files from firhost server, that is the three folders wp-admin, content, & includes along with the rest of the 24 files in the load, leaving all the other folders, untouched. I uploaded my back up as before, nothing but a white page, deleted my .htaccess file, no go, still a white page. So I downloaded a new version of Wordpress, and tried installing that, in it's own directory or in public_html, the results are above.

Can anyone help here.....please?

Shocked Sad
Oh, and I was not able to reach the site to edit the config.php file via install, so I edited the congig-sample.php with notepad and saved it as config.php, ensuring that my sql database name, username, and password were correct, left as localhost. for location, it was that way before and it worked.

still get the white page, no error.

I used Direct Admin to check and repair the SQL database for mine that is selected, everything comes up OK across the board, no errors.

Can't think of anything else I've tried, but other than the 404 error or nothing, I haven't been able to get it to load all day?
I got it back. I could get into it after uploading my Back Up, by the wp-login.php, even though the URL brought up the white page, I logged in, and checked the theme and it was selected for default, and I selected my theme and boom it displays.

YEAHHHHH!!!!! I Fingered it out Very Happy Laughing
LOL, and you did it all by yourself congrats. Very Happy
Dementei wrote:
LOL, and you did it all by yourself congrats. Very Happy

He did it by himself and he double posted multiple times and got a bunch of points...It's a win win win situation! Glad you got it working.
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