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I want to go mount Everest for campaigning some day its my dream .
what you think?
its in India so no problem with me to go there.
If you're in extremely good shape and you have money, then that's no problem. Just catch a flight to Nepal and after a mere 60,000 USD or so your dream can come true.

However, you need to do extensive training before hand. Climb many, many, many mountains. Make sure you really know how to use your climbing equipment. You have to be in incredible shape to climb Everest. However, being in incredible shape isn't enough. You have to have really good climbing skills and climbing equipment.

So if you're actually serious about Everest, then climb many mountains to prepare. And then there's a bunch of costs. You have to consider:

- 25,000 USD permit for the country of Nepal
- Climbing gear
- Sherpas/Guides
- Travel expenses
- Oxygen
- Insurance
- etc....

So good luck! I've always wanted to do it but I probably never will. It's just too much money that I do not have and since I don't play the lottery, I have no chance...
There are lots of other mountains though.
And most of them are just as much fun, while being less difficult, less dangerous, and less expensive.

Go for your dream, but start with something small and achievable.
It's in India? I think it's located between Nepal and China. You can't find it in India. If you're going to travel, Nepal is the better choice. The other side in China is perfect for an adventure.
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