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Internet connectivity problems


I've been having a lot of internet difficulties, especially this month.
I often have slow internet or no connection at all. I've called my Internet Service Provider and I places my modem differently so it does not use a long cable, it only uses a 40cm cable now. My router is connected to my modem. The ISP service guy told me that the second light on my modem indicates connection with the ISP. If that light blinks or is turned off there is no connection.

So I started digging into what caused the internet problems. I asked my family to register the time, problem and the status of the light when the internet is slow or not working.

It seams that it is not the modem to blame or the ISP. So it should be the router.

I decided to write a batch script which pings every 10 seconds. If it succeeds I register this as succes. If it fails it checks again thrice. If this works I register this as slow connectivity, if it fails I register this as no internet.

I also ping my router ( every second. If this fails I register this as well calling this no router.

According to the log the batch script after a few hours it showed that the router works properly when internet does. When the internet does not work, half of the time the router does not work.
I am building a more extensive log right now. What I want to ask is if anyone of you have any advice for me what I can do. Maybe I have overlooked something.
Do you think this is the fault of my router (many times the computer fails to ping the router)? Could it be my modem (many times the computer fails to ping while pinging the router works)?
How can I enhance the quality of my connection to be more reliable?

I thank you in advance Smile
Hmm sounds like it's a pretty rough time I had connectivity problems for my net until I had my ISP come out and check what's up, they found a problem and it was fully functional afterwards. Anyway, maybe what you can do is get someone out there to test all connectivity with your Internet. The problem with mine was the cable coaxial switch and something in the basement wasn't set right or something I forget, but definitely call your ISP and they should come to your house free of charge. My ISP is Time Warner. Good luck.
If your router is wireless, try using a wired connection instead. If the problem goes away, then it is probably either being too far away from the signal, or too much interference.

If that doesn't fix the problem, try connecting directly to the modem. If the problem goes away when you do this, it means your router is the problem. (I'm not sure if you'll need a crossover cable or a straight-through cable for this... try both if the first one doesn't work at all.)

If the problem is still there after connecting directly to the modem, it is an ISP problem. You might need a new modem, the feed to the modem may be bad, or the ISP may have bad transmission lines. If any of your close neighbors have the same service, ask them if they have similar problems.

While making your log, it may be useful to ping the modem as well.
If you have a record showing that you have connectivity with the modem 100% of the time, then the ISP can't tell you that the problem is in your network.

Another thing to try is just restarting the router. I once had a router that, despite any setting changes I made, would gradually block more and more websites, though the problem would clear up any time the router was restarted.
@ocalhoun, both wired and wireless are not working properly.

@Dementei, I always keep calling the ISP Smile They are a really great aid over the telephone. I expected to get some charges or maybe I needed to make an appointment for 2 weeks from now so I couldn't help myself and go to Frihost Wink

According to the log 10% of all connections fail due to the router not being able to reach. I have 95% connection to the internet.
Flakky wrote:
@ocalhoun, both wired and wireless are not working properly.

What about connecting directly to the modem though?
I get slow to no connectivity in the evenings 7:30-8:30 pm and on weekends due to peak system load demands.
@ocalhoun, Thanks for the tip, I just tried it but with no avail. I do not have any internet when I try that.

@jwellsy, I asked several of my local friends and they do not have any bothersome experience with peak hours :/
You might check with the router mfg website for firmware/driver updates.
Flakky wrote:
@ocalhoun, Thanks for the tip, I just tried it but with no avail. I do not have any internet when I try that.

@jwellsy, I asked several of my local friends and they do not have any bothersome experience with peak hours :/

how you configure your router?
i mean, you should configure your computer ip as your router wan IP.
if the router wan ip is DHCP, you should configure you computer ip DHCP too,
then, try connect modem directly.
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