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Easier start up requirements

First off, I do not know if this is possible because I have no statistics over how many new applications for hosting are received each month. But if it is a manageable number, then I have a suggestion!

Problem: It seems like everyday I come across short, meaningless posts by users with just a few posts. I check back day after day and it appears that these members never post again.

I think the reasoning for this is obvious. The members join wanting hosting, they see that they have to post five quality posts, they don't bother reading what a quality post is, they post five crappy posts, they don't get hosting, and then they get discouraged and leave.

And I don't blame them. Sometimes it's hard to post quality posts in a forum that you are used to and in a community that you're not yet a part of. So how do we fix it?

Solution: After five posts (even if they sort of suck), give them hosting with the understanding that it's probational and that after one month, their posts will be examined to see if they're worthy of keeping it. That way, they'll already have hosting and they'll know that they have to keep posting. They then post for a month (because they haven't been discouraged by not getting hosting) and then within a month, they should be part of the community. This will encourage them to stay and be an active member of the community.

But again, this is only practical depending on the amount of new applications. I don't know how many are received so maybe this isn't practical. Furthermore, I may be entirely off base in my hypothesis in why so many people post a couple times and never come back. But why else would they go to the effort of signing up just to only post a couple of things?
I think the users that you see that never come back usually do have a hosting account. A lot of them never even use the hosting account. I don't even know why they go through all the trouble of registering and posting and then don't even check the pm with the hosting details or log in to DirectAdmin.

Anyway, to be honest we already accept most requests from users unless their posts are really crappy or if they copy-pasted stuff from articles or other users.
Hmmm... Then that's just weird... Do you delete hosting accounts for negative points like in the TOS? Because it seems like that most of these users would quickly lose their hosting accounts. Then, they would realize that you actually have to post to keep it. So then they would re-register and actually post. I don't fully understand it...

What I proposed initially made sense to me... It's hard for people to start off making good posts because they don't feel like a part of the community. But if they were forced to stay a month, it would grow on them and then they'd start to post regularly.

But now you're telling me that isn't the case. Maybe it just has to do with where I hang out (most philosophy, politics, science), but it just doesn't seem like I see too many new users coming in and joining in. More often than not, a new user will come in, make a sort of crappy post, us old users will tear the topic apart, and then we never see the OP again... On an interesting note, I checked the memberlist.php page and arranged it by points ascending and found thousands of people with less than ten posts...
Matrix, I think this is a natural development. People may look for Website space from more than one Free Website Host for example, go through all the hurdles, and then be so busy with one or two that they just start to forget about Frihost for example. Or they may just be experimenting with getting free Website space, and then get onto the next hobby, and forget about their Website space. Probably like hundreds of tadpoles, and only a few of them making it into Frihost Frogs ..... Very Happy

Furthermore, I don't think everyone takes to Forums as easily. For some, they may immediately like the feel of Frihost. But for others, they could find it unfamiliar and boring, or an unfriendly (or too challenging) environment and take off. I suppose each to its own.

I don't like the idea of setting too high standards for postings. I most certainly don't like too many restrictions either nor editing of posts other than serious typos or grammar, and only if really necessary. Each posting should be accepted on its own merit. One liners and spam posts are of course a no no, but some of the two or three liners can be interesting as well.
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