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Problems with graphics card

I'm running an old card, an nVidia Quadro4 750 XGL , AGP(4x) with 128Mb RAM, and when I try to load certain 3D applications, the driver gets stuck in an infinite loop. (Causing a Bluescreen.)
This happens both with TrackMania United Forever, and with a Graphics Card Stability Test, but not with Halo CE or Flight Simulator X.
I have recently switched PCs - I had this card in my old PC and it worked fine.

System Specs:
3GHz Hyper-threading Pentium 4
2.75Gb RAM
NVidia Quadro4 750 XGL 128Mb AGP - Overclocked to 320MHz from 277MHz with RivaTuner - this is not causing the problems.
2 80Gb IDE drives, 2 DVD drives, 1 external 1TB drive
Creative SoundBlaster Live! Value (Quadraphonic sound card)

Current screen resolution: 2048x1536, 68Hz (Desktop only, different Res's used for gaming.)

Seeing as this card worked fine in my old PC, would this be a problem with the new motherboard?
Also, I've tried both nVidia's 91.38 drivers, and am currently running the beta 93.81 drivers.
Would third-party drivers work here? If so, where could I find some?
It could be a number of things-your motherboard could be one of them. Also, sometimes Windows can just mess up things for no reason. I would try rolling back your drivers as far as possible (I don't know if the 91.38 drivers are as far back as they go) or trying it in another computer.
Thanks for the help - The drivers don't seem to be causing any trouble, and the card works fine in another PC. However, I have strong suspicions that it may have been the motherboard - since it stopped booting earlier today.
Disappointing, as I now have 1/3rd the processing power & ram.

Thanks again.
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