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Best player not in Cooperstown?

This year, pitcher Bert Blyleven and 2nd baseman Roberto Alomar were elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

Whom do you feel is the best player not in Cooperstown?

I feel that the following players should be elected to Cooperstown, along with the respective team they should be inducted under:

Modern players (1980s-now):
Jack Morris (Tigers)
Don Mattingly (Yankees)
Lee Smith (Cubs)
Tim Raines (Expos)
Barry Larkin (Reds)
Dale Murphy (Braves)
Dave Parker (Pirates)
Jim Rice (Red Sox)
Dan Quisenberry (Royals)
Bruce Sutter (Cardinals)
Lou Whitaker (Tigers)
Alan Trammell (Tigers)
Ted Simmons (Cardinals)
Ron Guidry (Yankees)
Dwight Gooden (Mets)

Controversial players:
Mark McGwire (Athletics)
Barry Bonds (Pirates)
Pete Rose (Reds)
Sammy Sosa (Cubs)
Joe Jackson (Should not be allow to go in depicting a team insignia)
Roger Clemens (Yankee or Red Sox)
Players pre 1980s:
Gil Hodges (Dodgers)
Dick Allen (Phillies)
Ron Santo (Cubs)
Tony Oliva (Twins)
Maury Wills (Dodgers)
George Van Haltren (New York Giants)
Ken Boyer (Cardinals)
Willie Davis (Dodgers)
Jim Kaat (Twins)
Thurman Munson (Yankees)
Joe Torre (Cardinal if inducted as player or Yankee if inducted as manager)
Minnie Miñoso (White Sox)
Sherwood McGee (Phillies)
Vada Pinson (Reds)
Tony Mullane (Reds)
Bob Johnson (Indians)
Mel Harder (Indians, probably should be inducted as a coach)
Riggs Stephenson (Cubs)
Roger Maris (Yankees)
Bill Lange (Chicago Colts, later the Cubs)
Bill Dahlen (Brooklyn Dodgers or New York Giants)
Deacon White (Cleveland Forest Cities)
Carl Mays (Red Sox)
Paul Hines (Chicago White Stockings)
Jim Rice is now in the hall of fame and rightfully so. All the controversial players who admitted to using steroids should not be allowed into Cooperstown.
Pete Rose, without much question.

I think it's time to let bygones be bygones.
Pete Rose deserves it.
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