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You will have to pay ransom for your Data?

Our online data, email and blog does not guarantee the security of any kind.

According to British News Paper "Observer"

A feature of the digital revolution is that it is very subtle ways that colonization of the language. Technique are given new meanings of words they kidnapped. For example, Facebook 'friend' word can be used for any relationship. Similarly, the first Parinde 'tweets' used, now men are also beginning to Atviting. Another term "Cloud". On the weather or rain, but the online data, whose use we are to avoid overloaded computer. Music, photos, documents, everything is stored in a cloud. Cloud can be accessed from anywhere in the world and now it is possible to use on mobile phones. But it is a loss. Any of this? Guarantee that we will destroy all data. Even our data kidnap ransom to free them may also be sought. Online services provide companies with professional standards of quality are very volatile. Suddenly our valuable documents should not be destroyed if the system under which we will claim for them? We can see that the permanent documents or 'hard copy' needs is now decreasing. A generation has emerged, which only likes to keep their documents online. But like 'Clouds' can be left in the hands of all?
Good point to remember and thanks for the reminder. We have to accept that that which we keep in electronic format, and which has not been encrypted may be vulnerable. I think of that everytime when that dialog screen comes up and says that others may be able to see what I am doing.
Cloud Storage seems still not reliable enough to me. What if my private data is opened, scanned and even copied...
inuyasha wrote:
What if my private data is opened, scanned and even copied...

That is depends on how much you are important to this world and your work.

if are on a confidential posts of some organisation your private data is very valuable to others.

or on projects you are working.

but if you are a normal man having nothing special in you there is no mean to know about your private data
Any storage of data is subject to loss - as an example the unfortunate accident that here on server 4. Take responsibility for making sure your data is backed up by "you".
who wants my private data? i can sell it . Laughing
One of the few ways of keeping your data private while using a cloud would be to encrypt it. Using TrueCrypt for example would be pretty good, as I've heard it's pretty damn good. It seems like cryptography is becoming the only way to protect your data these days. Or just stick to keeping your data on your hard drive instead of using somebody's hard drives like in a cloud.
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