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php sites & cgi

I tried to upload some php web pages to a host & put them in subdomains.
They would not run.
I have now noticed that the server does not support cgi.
Was that the problem, is it irrelevant or did I make a mistake elsewhere.
I did not build the sites, I bought them.
It does if you haven't deleted the cgi-bin...
I did not delete the cgi-bin.
The host was a free one and didn't support it anyway.
Fire Boar
If a host doesn't support CGI, chances are they don't support PHP either (though PHP doesn't require CGI). Hardly any free hosts support PHP... but Frihost is an exception!
Well, On the PHP Script change the values to who can see it to 666.
Hope I helped you out.
Thank you for trying to help.
It did not work. The odd thing is that I put in a subdomain, uploaded a page I had built with Serif's Page Plus & no php and that did not work either. I tried it with & without .htaccess.
On another account with them I have a 9 page site built with PagePlus and that comes up perfect. It is in the main domain.
I think it is time to consdider a reseller account somewhere so that I do not have to use subdomains.
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