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Small Project

This isnt an amazing project at all haha. What i am planning to do is switch my radio speakers into my desktop speakers. All i think i have to do is cut the radio speakers wire, sauder a audio jack to the end, ???? , profit. Hopefully there wont be any snags along the way D=
Its a nice home project to do, and it is easy to solder the wires into the audio jack, but I find soldering quite tricky, and usually burn my fingers, and sometimes even get the wires crossed.

But speakers are cheap these days.
Would it not be better to just buy a 2.1 speaker, with a mini woofer, to get better effect of games, movies and music from your computer?
Of course, soldering a jack is cheaper, and for a hobbyist, its nice to toy around, but I've done that a long time ago, and the quality isn't all that great.

A better project, would be to find a broken speaker system, with sub-woofer of either 2.1, or 5.1 surround sound, and then hook that up to your PC or any audio device for that matter.

Or even better yet - try to find a device that can transmit radio signals, from your computer to your radio..... I don't know if that exists, but it would keep your radio intact, and yet multifunctional. Laughing
The computer I use as a home theater uses stereo-system speakers, but it didn't require any soldering.

I used a stereo system amplifier, which could connect to the computer by using a simple, cheap adapter plug... Having a separate amp in the system is good as well, since it takes power to drive the speakers. Normal computer speakers have built-in amps, which is why they need a power cord, but stereo system speakers don't have built-in amps: you need to provide the driving power to them somehow - usually with an amplifier. If you connect these speakers without an amp, they will make sounds, but they will be extremely quiet. You MUST add in something to convert the weak signals from the computer into strong signals that will drive the large speakers. (that something is an amp)

Hopefully, that bit of advice will help you avoid a big snag along the way.
(And using an amp might mean you no longer need to solder anything, as it will probably have the proper connections already, since this is the job it was designed for.)
Hope you dont cross any wired Very Happy Good Luck !! Laughing
hey.. thankyou for letting us know such nice information!!!
That should work, I have tried that before on my laptop during my college days cause my laptop has a very small speaker, what I did is just cut a hole on our stereo and connect the wiring to install the jack connection. Good luck with that project man.
Let me share my project (Guitar). Actually it was my sons project. I just helped him.
I sate with him , helped him to organize thoughts and to provide material for it.

What was result am impressive looking guitar but with bad sound quality.
We used an empty box of a cell-phone -- Bell;s Prepaid Cell phone;s box -- and a strip of wood and three screws on each end and few screws to fix it with box.
Three rubber band strings were used as strings.
The shape is good and looked a good home-made project.
But sound quality is bad.
The reason is strings should be on the hole of the vacuum but it was in the box.
My son was feeling good but if i will get time, I will try to fix it. May be I will use some other /steel container and place strings on top of some hole. I'll try to attach picture of current and possible of improved home-made Guitar.
hey, you should post some pictures here of the guitar, i'd be curious!

and for the speakers i was told that one should care about the Ohms (resistance?) the speaker haver compared to the amplifiers output - it should somehow match...
It's a good idea, great !
Speakers and music instruments are a great way for children to learn the basics of electrical theory. For one it's low voltage, it makes something fun when it's finished, and it's hard to screw up! When I was a kid my favorite thing to do was to smash and take apart old electronics, and experiment with them. So did my brother, we were curious about everything, and our parents let us. Did we break things and get hurt of course. My brother hammered a nail into a battery to see what was in it, and got sprayed in the face with an alkaline liquid but he was fine. Kids these days have such helicopter parents that they usually aren't allowed any freedom to explore or ask questions, it's really very sad.
You need an amplifier, you need a power source but you might be able to run them from the audio jack, the jack might output +/- 1.5v in different cases, you need to know the current of your speakers.
shadowozera wrote:
This isnt an amazing project at all haha. What i am planning to do is switch my radio speakers into my desktop speakers. All i think i have to do is cut the radio speakers wire, sauder a audio jack to the end, ???? , profit. Hopefully there wont be any snags along the way D=

How about earphone?
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