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I visited her house and now she is no more my friend

Hello all i really do need advise from you all. I have a girl i so like and she likes me too. She is from a strict family so anytime i try to get her hangout with me,she cant.. she said the only way we could hang out was in her house and that are parents are ok by it. So i decided to visit her one day.After the visitation,everything seems ok not until the next day when i got a text that she cant be my friend that i should not text or call her anymore. Am so so confuse,i really like the girl,what should i do? she didnt even tell me why...

Note: since she said i should call or text,i went and added her to my facebook and sent her a message..i hope she accepts and communicate with me via facebook..if i keep contact her is that stalking? please advise me, what should i do?
This sucks badly jossylala. She obviously is under her family's thumb and all of this has to be stressful for her. She asked you not to contact her any longer, so perhaps you should do as she asks. If I were you, I would try and detach from the situation. I know it is difficult to do, but if you really like her, she would respect you for giving her her space. She may get anxious if you don't and resent you for it.
hmmm i see.. i have left her alone, we even got to the extent of not being facebook friends.. but i hope someday she is gonna tell me why she say we should stop being friends... not to forget, would it be bad if i send her a text with "hello, just thought i should say hi"'after a long period of silence?
Hi Jossylala,

This often happens to guys out there and there seems to be no visible solution to it. You just have to take heart and be strong and alway have it in mind that the beautiful one's are not yet born. Get and and pick you broken heart and merge them. You will find a better person soon.

That sucks man. You may tell her that if she ever feels differently, she may call or text you. Alternatively, you may do as she asks...

Not a lot you can do here man.
have more luck next time, dude...
It seems to be obvious that her parents asked her not to contact you anymore. Probably they don't find you suitable for her, It's not that you are a bad person, just that her parents wants someone more similar to them (maybe same beliefs of same ideas about life).

It could be hard to you, but since it's about parents will, I don't think so she will contact you again or accepting you online friendship.

You seems to be very young, let time help you to move on in this situation you can't change.
Oky guys thanks for the word.. I guess have forgotten about her already.. But i swear i really do miss her and how nice she was with me and how much she loved me... Guess its bcos am a foreigner here..but have moved on now...
Thanks guys especially Iyepes...
Hi Jossylala i am really sorry for your lost but i think if she likes you for real she wouldn't leave you, so it's a fake relation and she don't deserve you .
i sorry again Sad
A friend? You mean your girl friend? It seems to me you're not just ordinary friends. Very Happy I hope I wouldn't misunderstand you.
As you have said, she was born in a strict family. I suppose her parents possibly forced her to stay away from you. I'm curious why she couldn't tell you the reason. I can't tell if you should contact her immediately, which perhaps would trouble her. Stay away for some days, perhaps?
Well there's two altenatives, a) she's under pressure by her parents or b) she didn't want to hang out with you in the first place (notice how she used the same excuse everytime). It'd be useful to know how old you guys are.

If you find enough reasons for her to like you (or if you're not sure), keep pushing until you get a 'at least' a why, then you guys can find a way work it out.
There isn't really alot you can do here man. Sorry.
Da Rossa
I was about to post when I saw the topic dates. So man, tell us updates!

Thank you all for your contribution. Anyway, I have moved on and fell in love with someone else but the fact is, if i still get a chance with her i would jump back into her arms. But the good news is that we would be meeting next year away from our parents where we would both be doing internships. hope then i can have her back.

Da Rossa
so you're in love with two people? How exactly? Tell us more about this new person. Maybe you should definitely move on.
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