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How often do you reread books?

The last (series of) book(s) I reread was Lord of the Rings ... about four years ago. As should be evident, I always prefer to buy new books instead of rereading old ones - paperbacks are cheap and no matter how good a book is there's a lot you lose on the second read through: suspense, mystery, the gradual discovery of character and such. Every time I think about rereading something I can't help but imagine how that invested time could have been even better spent on an entire new book instead.

Of course, this leads me to trouble on rare occasions. I'd love to get back into reading the Wheel of Time now that Brandon Sanderson has taken over, but if you've ever seen those paperbricks lined up on a shelf ... O_o
month sometimes more than month
There are couple of books I re-read once every couple of years.

I suppose story driven novel wouldn't be all that great to re-read over and over, but books you like for styles of writing, mood, wisdom etc.. can still be appreciated time after time. Well, at least once every 2-3 years.
Funny, it was also "Lord of the Rings" which I reread several years ago. But when I take a look to my bookshelf seeing all those unread books there waiting for me, I see that I will only have the time to read the unread ones.
It's a pity.
I also rarely re-read books, for the same reason as Nameless; there's always something new to read, and you lose the suspense, etc.

I have re-read some books/series, particularly when a new volume is published after several years.
It depends on the book. I don't typically re-read any books that have a lot of suspense in them (e.g. murder mysteries or horror, etc), but I do tend to re-read books that I feel touched me or had a very good story or characters that I just loved. But even then, I don't re-read them that often. For instance, I love the Harry Potter books and the Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles and Mayfair Witches books and I tend to read each book in the series about once a year or so.
When I'm caught up in a series, like the Harry Potters, I will sometimes re-read old books before the new installments are released, so I can be caught up and refreshed on previous events. I have re-read the earlier Harry Potter books a few times now, but this is less true of the latter ones.

Other than that, I don't often re-read books once I've read them once. The Once And Future King is an exception--I ahve probably read it two or three times. It's a beautiful book and it doesn't get old--in fact, every time I read it, I love it more deeply.

Other books, when i try to re-read them, I lose interest because I know what's going to happen. Even books I cherished the first time I read them.
I don't think I've ever reread a book in its entirety. I've reread a chapter, chapters, lines.. favorite scenes, but never an entire book. I think I'm not just someone who reread books and just read a new one instead. But I don't think it hurts to reread, especially when it's that good. I have yet to do that though
I never re read a book, I'd rather read a new one
Fiction - almost never. But biographies or non-fiction I always revisit. I do the same with my DVD collection.
hardly, i do only read fiction and for fun so i don't count tecnichal books, such content i revisit but i mostly use the internet for it.

i don't know how people can enjoy reading the same thing again , i can do it but i don't enjoy , i also don't like watching the same movie or episode again, i already know what's going to happen whats the point?
Not often enough.

Reading a book for the first time is often about the suspense and discovering what happens. Reading it a second time is savouring the words on the page.
I've reread the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini about four times now. For me it just gets better and better ever time. Other than that I sometimes go back and reread books that I was forced to read in school to see if I would like them on my own. Usually it turns out that I do.
I read a lot
i was impressed during my visit to czech last year, people in prague read a lot... you can see them read everywhere... in trains, trams, parks, during waiting for anything... they all have books and read them... cool
Reading is a very good hobby
I reread books that I like or love or they are instructive.

Because it is reread, I tend to read faster and skip parts to where I like or I need to read.

However, sometimes when I reread a book is because I think parts of it I haven't read.
Television has been exposed to manipulate young children's growth of approach and ability. confirmation also recommends that children's television programs have both positive and negative communication about a variety of topics, as well as literacy

Although a number of populace who re-read books are not well read at all. They're just prejudiced They are acquainted with what they are fond of and they like what they are on familiar terms with
Here is an intersting article on re reading
Reading a book is my regular habit. Whwn I didn't find any new one I reread old books. I that case my favourite is Feluda Stories. Feluda is a Detective created by Satyajit Roy.
At least twice a year. It concerns only my fav books.
Only the good ones. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the mood for reading, but I don't have any books that I haven't read yet. Then I reread them. It's fun to read something a second time, because then you have a better understanding of what is going on. Sometimes, I feel like reading, but I don't want to start a new novel. If I do, then it's a big committment because I need to know how it ends, therefore I end up reading for a long period of time. In these cases, I reread certain books that I have.
i read two books a year. unfortunately only two
i read two books a year. unfortunately only two
i don't reread books, because i don't read books, Laughing Laughing
well, i used to reread cartoon books, joke books, but not those serious ones, educational, novels, stories. I don't know, it's like boring or i am just lazy for it.
if you don't want to commit mistake from your words, don't talk Very Happy
i dont at all... i mean, i read some pdf's connected to my work, helps and manuals for products i use, but i have never read any novel on computer... i like real, paper books, more...
silver67 wrote:
I've reread the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini about four times now. For me it just gets better and better ever time. Other than that I sometimes go back and reread books that I was forced to read in school to see if I would like them on my own. Usually it turns out that I do.

That's reallt great.

I haven't had time to read all these. And certainly not enough time to re-read.

Lots of books left to read.

I think I will read what is left before trying to re-read the books which I had alrready read.
I don't like rereading books. Since I already know the plot and the ending, It robs me of the thrill.
I reread only my textbooks..
in case of novels..,
why should i read it.. when i know what is in it,.. when i know when what will happen..(no thrill, no suspense).. who likes a book without thrill and suspense...
i neither repeat novels nor repeat games(video)...
I tend to reread The Day of the Triffids and 1984 every few years.
I'm actually re-reading the dark tower books right now. I'm midway through the fourth, but not sure if I'm going to keep going after this. A friend loaned me some new books and I'm wondering if I should start in on those books. Sometimes re-reading just feels like a waste of time.
Not too often to be honest. There's too many books out there that I need to get through so I dont have time to reread.
MisterParker wrote:
Not too often to be honest. There's too many books out there that I need to get through so I dont have time to reread.

Whoa, since I was about 7, I never ever had more than 2 months without reading a book. I mean a REAL book, with, at least, 100 pages. I'm actually reading A Song of Ice and Fire's first book. I'll finish all the books (that are published) until I read The Serpent's Shadow and The Hobbit, that I've already bought! :3'
i find it hard to reread, rewatch or relisten stuff :/
I don't reread, but since there is not much movies worth watching these days, I sometimes rewatch some of my favourite movies. Must say I was looking for one last night, but I think I've exhausted the number of times watching them.
I rarely reread a book, but that is not because it was not a good book. Sometimes they are great books but with the way my memory works I can not stand to reread a book. It works the same way with movies for me too, I prefer to watch new movies and television shows instead of rewatching them, because I can recite the lines while the show is going on. It is sometimes so bad that I can recite the lines to a brand new movie without knowing anything about the movie before starting to watch it. This is sometimes a problem when I sit down to watch something with someone else because if I slip and start reciting the lines it tends to annoy them.
I am currently reading a book I know I let my partner called "Fire in the Heart" I have not always time to read so I take those little moments of life.
Whenever I get bored and have nothing new to read, I will usually reread a book I've read before. I have read so many books in my life that it's crazy. My favorite writer is Rick Riordan, so I will reread the books he writes time and time again. (He wrote the Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus series)

I love reading, and I will often of times reread books within a week or two, maybe even earlier.
I reread my favorites as much as I can.
Not very often. But I sometimes rewatch movies.

I used to reread books lying in the bed years ago. But now I've lost the patience to read books, frustrating. Twitter, blogs and forums(like here~ Laughing ) are big parts of my life. Am I a victim of the Internet and Infomation Technology? Shocked
I just re-read Ender's Game. Thankful for it.

There are things that I thought didn't happen in the book, that I was quite surprised to learn did.
I rarely reread books. It's hard for me. My head starts to hurt and I get bored and sleepy. I wish I could, but...
My favorite book is Michael Ende's The Neverending Story, which I recommend to everyone (it doesn't matter if you're a kid or an adult). I try to read it once every year and it still makes me sob when I reach the Swamp of Sadness part. Truly a beautiful book, I can't help but enjoy it every time. But when it comes to movies... Well, I tend to watch The Avengers twice or trice a month, can't get enough. I think that the reason why I don't read TNS more often is because it's too intense and I need to let the feelings sink before I could enjoy the book again...
It is almost depends on the book and its genre.

If it is belongs to a subject or reference material, I have to read it more and more times but not from start to end.

I am not much fond of novels or story books but some of those are my favorite. So, would like to reread them again and again.

If the book is about some science fiction, definitely I would love to red this book more and more.
I read a book that I have already read, about five years after the previous reading.
i have re read the harry potter series 3 or 4 times each and 'the host', twice. i do that about once every year. no other book has interested me so much as to read it over again though. so it all about how much i like the book, for me.
you made a point that you lose all the mystery, suspense, and discovering the characters. while that may be true to some extent, you also get an opportunity to reconsider everything that led up to the climax, for a well written book, that never gets boring, the excitement is still there. you know the characters better than you did before, you are now able to contemplate every possible situation that could have been, every way the story could have taken, and even maybe write a parallel universe version of yourself. it's fun i tell you... provided it's a book that you really really like.
There are many book I've re-read for example Tolkiens LotR. Why I re-read books because I like to come back to stories which I like.
I almost do not reread books, cause there are so many new books to read.
I reread books(fiction) only when a sequel to a book is about to be released and I reread the previous book to get back to where I left it off so that I will have a fresh memory when I embark on the new book. Smile

Regardless, some books have unique writing styles or recounts that leaves a very strong impression on me would be revisited by me every 2years or so? Like the others who have posted before me, there are so many new materials to be read it is nearly impossible to run out of new materials to read.
I rarely reread books though I often reread parts of them. The main ones would be Lolita, The Picture of Dorian Gray and The World, the Flesh and Myself which I always keep near and frequently open up a random page from and read some passages.
I don't generally reread books. But I have done so once or twice after 2 years.
I usually do not re read the book.
I've re-read Hitchhikers guide to galaxy couple of times and many short stories too.
Planning to reread whole ASOIF series before next book is out(got plenty of time Very Happy Sad)
I try to read every day, before i sleep to stimulate my imagination. Curetly, i read Game of thrones (such a clichet don't you think ? haha) but i kind of like that. I have watch the TV show and that's why i started books but it's really slow ! ^^
I don't usually reread books unless it's something I am heavily invested in, or when a new book in a fictional series is about to be published after a long waiting period between books. In that case I sometimes will go over the previous books in the series to refresh my memory.

But in general, I try to take in as much as possible on my first read of a book so I don't resort to rereading.
I reread the books all the time. i think that I get so much more out of the second or third reading. But then again sometimes I just like to reread sections that I find entertaining and enjyoable. I don't always read the entire book all over again.
Rarely. I don't have this time.
I do it not very often. Especially books with stories. On the other side instructional books, for example Think and grow rich or The richest man in Babylon, I read very often.
But, it is not only with books so, I also don't like to look series or movies again.
I often find that after many years, reading a book you notice new things that you missed in the first reading.

Sometimes, u get jokes that went way over your head, sometimes you find innuendoes and puns. Sometimes, you imagine the scene completely differently.

Books are wonderful things Razz
i don't why but i don't like reading books.. my mind want to read books but my heart stops me, lols
Some books are much better to be reread than others.
i usually re read a book when i was in review of my bachelor degree but since then i did not read a book or any novel or any pocket books. i read only via internet.

I cannot remember either when i was the last time i purchase a book.
Sadly I can never reread books as I feel extremely bored when I do so. I wish I could do it, since there are many masterpieces of which I remember only certain details, but every time that I sit down to try to reread them, I get sleepy, bored and annoyed by the fact that I know where the plot is going and that I am never surprised by their analytical remarks about the situations. I tried, for example, to reread Harry Potter, some fanfictions that I love, Game of Thrones, among others, and I felt like I was losing time, even if I knew I wasn't, every time that I opened and sat down to read them. It's an unfortunate but unwavering feeling.
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