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Haircut - choose your own musical adventure

Neil Cicierega (a.k.a. Lemon Demon) has created a "choose your own adventure" video on youtube called Haircut.

With the introduction of in-video linking, CYOA type videos aren't a rare sight these days. But what makes Haircut different, is that it's a musical.

I ran through it couple of times, and ended up with different results. Why don't you give it a whirl and post results.

Also, some of you may recognize the name 'Lemon Demon', and rightfully so. He is the same guy who wrote Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny and other songs featured in old-school hilarious flash animations.
That was very good....I've heard of books done in this style, but never YouTube presentations.....I began by going for a haircut, but within 4 acts was having my brain cut out and stolen by Hugh Laurie Very Happy
Yeah it was very good. Infact few days back I had also seen a video game (!! Surprised) which someone had created using this inline linking of youtube. It was something about throwing a ball in a glass. what i think he might have done is divided video into 3 parts with middle portion being the optimal one which would have linked to success video.
wellerchap the way, if Hugh Laurie's reading this....can I have my brain back now please....I don't wanna end up watching X-Factor and soap-operas the rest of my life, thank you!
Sounds fun, don't have the time at the moment, but well definitely check it out later!
12 days since Coolclay replied.....THEY'VE GOT HIM, TOO !!!! Shocked
Maybe it is a "Mystery"? By Hugh Laurie:
I'd never seen that before.....more than just a hint of Rowan Atkinson in that, I think! Very Happy
wellerchap wrote:
I'd never seen that before.....more than just a hint of Rowan Atkinson in that, I think! Very Happy
Right! And a long looooong time ago .... I think. I can't believe he is wasting so much of his creative years on House. There was a time when it was a good show, but wish he could get back in the UK. Guess they can't afford him?
You daredn't say that to my missus, about House!

Come to think of it, you'd be daft to say anything to her....she can be an intimidating character .... as I know, only too well.
I liked him in Jeeves & Wooster....very good a playing the English twit.
Here they are look, clearly filmed somewhere over your way, as they have plenty of sand! Very Happy

Awesome photo Wellerchap! Did you take it ..... ? Very Happy That is a classic smirk on House's face. The beach however looks more like something in the South of France? Isn't that where Wooster and Jeeves used to vacation during the summer?
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