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This year, in 2011, I resolve...

Absolutely nothing.

Why? Every year, I make vows to do better every year, to change this that and the other thing, to become x, y, or z, and nothing ever becomes of it.

Last year, I vowed to get healthy, and be better enough to work. I'm supposed to be in a wheelchair within 15 years and a walker within 5. What good do resolutions do, which never actually GET anywhere? Resolutions that rot along with all the other meaningless garbage of our lives?

So, this year, I'm resolving nothing at all. Not a thing. At least it is something that I can complete.

What about everyone else?
Ghost Rider103
This is quite interesting. Would make a good essay for the competition if you went on about it.

Anyways, I guess I've never even really had a new year's resolution until now, so we'll see how that goes. Which brings to mind, that would also make a good follow-up competition.

Hopefully this new year will at least be a good year for you.
I'm where you are LittleBlackKitten. No resolutions. I do have thoughts but they are more focused on the here and now.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
This is quite interesting. Would make a good essay for the competition if you went on about it.
Hey, don't nick my material...
I have not made a new year's resolution in many years. Why wait or start at the beginning of the year something that I should already be working on? It is very good to have goals.
I've never made a new year's resolution. I can't really see the point of them. If there's something in my life that I need to change, that I'm aware of, then if I'm strong enough to change it and consider it important enough I will change it when I need to or when an opportunity arrives. The time of the year doesn't matter.

* Why wait until the next year to do something? If you're that eager to just post-pone it, that's generally not a good sign.
* Never give yourself a whole year to change entirely. It's not gonna happen, ever. Unless you set a more specific time frame or make up a schedule, things are never going to change. The key to breaking bad habits is to take it one step a time with a firm schedule. Most importantly: A realistic schedule. If you don't have any key points where improvement should have been made, you'll never take care of it. And if the schedule's too tight you're just gonna screw it up once and then give it all up.
* When people make new year's resolutions they promise that this year they'll do that and that and that, then they end up doing nothing of it. They took on too many things at once. You need to take it one thing at a time. Sometimes you'll even find that as soon as you take care of one thing, the others come along as well eventually.
I can't even remember my New Year's resolution from last year. After reading the first post, I'm with you guys. I tried remembering what I was trying to accomplish last night, and am still unsuccessful one full day later. If it was that pointless to me in the long run, might as well not take vows I can't fulfill.
I agree with you there.
Way back in grade school, I made a new years resolution to not make any more resolutions, and I've kept it ever since.
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