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I'm sticking with you, cos I'm made out fo glue..

Last year I only had a few goals to achieve and as per Bikerman's essay, I soon fell flat on actually achieving any of them. As a result of my poor performance this year, I will be repeating a lot of what I was aiming to do this year!

A bit about me and my problem. When I am in the 'zone' I am highly productive, creative and act like a rather intelligent being with a brain and motivation. My main issue is getting into this zone and when I fail to get into the zone, I am as useless as Jabba the hut. When not in the zone, I cannot focus and can loose all interest in what I am doing extremely quickly. Most of my time, I do not think clearly and end up having achieved nothing. Being a competitive person who absolutely hates to loose, this annoys me and the anger inside builds up and depresses me, making my condition worse.

How can a mind function when the body it is in is so useless (with the exception of Stephen Hawking!)? It can't. My general health is probably below average though that is all my fault; my diet is poor and I simply don't do any real exercise, ever.

Become Healthier! Very Happy

Become Healthier is a rather vague statement. I will attempt to improve my general health and thereby promote good mental heath by…..
Change of Diet - Eat less rubbish and eat more good stuff. I've been doing a lot of research into good food to be eating. Along with my next main change in lifestyle, I'll be needing more energy and at the same time, to begin with at least, loose a little bit of weight. I expect to eat breakfast everyday, increase intake of calcium, eat more protein, etc, etc. Some meals will be done for me, some I'll now need to cook for myself and my body clock will have to change as I will, as much as I hate it, need to wake up even earlier than I currently do, requiring the time I go to bed to be delayed and I don't enough sleep as I should be getting, I should delay said time even later.
Change of Exercise - Not really a change as I currently don't. I want to start running and am considering entering a marathon at some point. I would start with small races and build up to half marathons until I make a whole big deal and holiday out of a full marathon. This should shed some fat, build up some muscle and help me to focus more. Once my body has rebuilt the capacity to do more than a bit of walking per day, I plan to expand. Where to, I don't yet know, but there is plenty of time for that. All this exercise obviously means that I will need to take out yet more time from packed schedule.
Change of attitude - I am going to structure my life a little more. Rather than linger on a task, find out what I need to do and get it done. I get distracted so easily and often spend more time on the distractions than the task in hand. I will be more organised so that I know what I should be doing and when and with what.

Well that is my sort of half-baked plan for the new and improved me, mathiaus v2.0. What will the new me do that the old me couldn't do or maybe wouldn't do? Tasks I need to check of my list are;
Learn to drive. I've been lucky until now but it's getting to the point where I can't put it off any longer
Get a new job. More money, better title, moving up the career ladder, learning and applying more skills.
Move out from my parent's house. I need a lot of me time!
Come back to Frihost. I miss this place and posting and all of the great members Smile
This isn't meant to be a fully formed fixed list. I no doubt will add, amend and remove items from it over time. Some will be completed quickly while the deadline of others will reach well beyond 2011.

Please share tips if you have any experience with any of the above. I'll need all the help I can get...
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