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Girls and make up

I see that all girls, at least here in Italy, use make up. The most part of these girls ends to look like a piece of plastic. The rest stays suitable, but i found them nicer without make up.
Am I the only guy to dislike maked up girls?
And what girls think of this?
Some women look good without makeup. Others look better with a little makeup.... and some I've seen really make cosmetic companies really rich.

I like women without much makeup, and even without any makeup at all.
But it depends from person to person, I guess.
I believe girls use so much make up, because it is propagated by the media. Girls and women want to look pretty and want men to like them, and they hear everywhere that using make up will make them look prettier.

I have stopped using make up a little less than two years ago and for some reason I started feeling more confident after that. It seems like the girls that are the least confident use the most make up, like they want to hide their insecurity behind the mask... My boyfriend also prefers natural looks, when I'm not wearing any make up, but he loves my perfume Smile
I always thought ladies looked better without makeup. If a woman wants to use a little makeup, it should not be obvious that she is wearing it.

The best use of makeup is to give a natural, healthy appearance. If a woman has been indoors and may be a little pale, it makes sense to add a little color to her cheeks, but it is best if it is not noticeable that she has used it.

I suppose we are so used to seeing women with lipstick on that it might seem strange to not see it. Even so, it would probably be best to use a little less than most do.
I wouldn't be attracted to a girl who wears heavy make-up on a consistent basis. Light, natural-looking make-up is just fine with me, and she doesn't even need to wear it all the time. Balance is key...excess is ridiculous.
there are some girls when they put a make up, they become more beautiful and natural, maybe becoz of the make up. some of them are become more plastic when they put make up. some are better without make up. natural beauty is the best.
i agree with the whole "grey jedi" thing on this subject. There are girls who look absolutly stunning w/ and w/out makeup. i my self, go for the girls who use minimal make up.
well beauty should be natural though i am not against make ups but over doing it is really bad..
My bro,quite agree with you.girls dont seem to understand nature calls. more rub-ons gets you on the artificial side of the world. but less cosmetics the more nartural and beauty comes in.thats the way i like em
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