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the new Stephen King

I've been hearing a lot about this book, Under the Dome. My general understanding is that this book is about a town suddenly trapped under a dome that falls from the sky, or just appears from nowhere. This happens seemingly for no reason anyone can understand. Everyone who was in the town when the dome fell is trapped inside.

Can anyone who has read this book comment on it? Did you enjoy it? Likes and dislikes? Do you recommend it?

It's been a long, long time since I've bothered with a Stephen King, but this sounds intriguing.
is this book by Stephen King, or are you saying the author is the new Stephen King?
this book is by Stephen king.

Follow up: I've been reading this book. I'm...probably about 2/3 of the way through it now. I have a few complaints, but mostly minor. The book itself is WAY too big and bulky and annoying. I wish they had made the print smaller and saved about 200 pages. As a woman who only gets to read when walking from one place to another, I find this book to be cumbersome, heavy and irritating. I am reading a much smaller paperback that I bring with me on trips. Also, the women characters (and the antagonists, come to think of it) are seriously two-dimensional. It's difficult to tell all the women apart. And right now I think I must be to almost page 700 and yet in the story, it's only been about three days. I keep forgetting that time is passing so slowly--it feels like it must have been weeks. I don't think this is the best written SK either.

However, the plot is definitely driving. I think about it when I'm not reading it, and I have no desire to put it down. It's fun and engaging, and despite the slow pace, a lot is happening all the time. It's very action-heavy. I have some worries that I'll find it disappointing at the end, but I'm usually disappointed when I reach the end of a book. I'm picky that way. I'm just not sure that SK is going to resolve this problem in a way that I find satisfactory.

I'm still hoping that someone else out there who has read it will answer this post and pick up the discussion--I'd love to talk to someone about this!
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