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Tibia Online

First of all, I suggest the Tibia online.
Tibia True And Tibia Test there are.
Tibia True 7 / 24 Is
Tibia Test Some servers 7 / 24 as a combination of some of servers appears.
Level of each game are available, such as the tibia.
Skilll pack my things in the game is not skill skill skill skill there, but distance to POPs, and select the button, axe, clup has skills.
There are 4 kind of vocation.

Vocation Definitions :

Knight : Axe Sword Skills Club is quite iyidir.Kılıç knight skill.
True Sword Tibia skills, at this very difficult to flex. But the Tibia 1x or 2x the test is pretty kolaydır.Tibia True Value Exp x1 x2 is.
Tibia Test Specifies the admin server, according to the URL değişir.Bu servers exp.

Paladin : Smart Strategy good.Weapons uses as a star.Puts too much but it does not get hit vurmaması fully balanced.So maybe some do not hit maybe shoot.But wars are bad.

Sorcerer : The level of a Sorcerer mage.Magic have no magic to how well the level of deve koyar.En good strong magic spells in the "exevo gran mas flam" is

Druid : Le is the same as Druid sorcerer. The only difference is the magic of the most beautiful "exevo gran mas frigo" stop.

Tibia at the test servers to see if you want to enter the "" you look into.

I express myself totally your own..
I tried out the game, Tibia Online, and didn't really enjoy it. Overall the game is not that good, I would rather play Runescape than Tibia in my own personal opinion.
Free to play
Easy access
300,000 active players
Huge game world
Hundreds of quests
Large variety of monsters
Regular content update
Tibia is a good game,who played know what i´m talking about,the graphic are so &¨%$#@ ugly,just the graphic is the negative point.
300,000 people play a game about a shinbone?
eday2010 wrote:
300,000 people play a game about a shinbone?

I wonder how many people will get that reference Razz .

As for me, I tried playing it a while back, at least about 4-5 years ago. It sucked back then, boring quests, boring world, no interactions. At least in WoW, which I also don't really like, you had some background story. Tibia is just point and click.
There are so many (possibly hundreds more) better RPG's than Tibia. It's a game fit for pre-teens, there's no problem about that but just saying. Go to and you will right away see a better game. The only thing is, Tibia requires no graphics card (lol) while the worthy games do.
Graphics is not everything. This game is really addictive, the gameplay used to be awesome. You actually needed some pvp skills to play it. But now they have updated it and it's crap.
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