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New Year's resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

We are approaching that time of the year when hope triumphs over experience. Millions of people will make resolutions which will last about as long as the hangover following the New Year party at which their intentions were made public.

The smokers will surrender the ciggy; the chubby will curtail the calorific cause of their complaint - chocolate, cream cakes or chips; the lush will leave-off the liquor; the foul-mouthed will forswear the f-word; the petulant will put-aside their peevishness; the deceitful will dismiss their dissembling; and the slothful will swear to go swimming or cycling.

Many will keep up their new resolution for the entire day, and some will even last a week, but enquiries about progress from family and friends, in mid January, will usually be met with avoidance, or admission of failure, often accompanied by tales of the trials and tribulations responsible for them relinquishing their resolution.

Let us, therefore, resolve to renounce this rigmarole once and for all. If you genuinely wish to change some aspect of your behaviour then don't wait until the 1st of January to proudly announce your intentions. If you really want to give up smoking then put the packet in the bin now. If alcohol is a problem then don't wait until you have drunk yourself delirious on New Year's eve before declaring your decision to dry-up. If craving calories is your cause for concern then don't announce your intention to change during the Friday festivities, stop snacking straight-away. And most importantly, don't feel compelled to search for some personal shortcoming to surrender, simply to be sociable. You are who you are, and the friends to whom you announce your intention to change are your friends regardless of whether you do so or not - and if they are not, they never were.
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