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How Photosynthesis REALLY work?

have anyone wondered how photosynthesis REALLY work?
i mean yeah the teach you all that chemical stuff in school and then about chlorophill and sunlight, but no teacher of mine was able to explain how could sunlight "fire" an chemical reaction
You had bad teachers then.
Sunlight is nothing more than photons at different energies. Ultimately it drives nearly all of the chemistry on earth - you must have noticed that most chemical reactions speed-up when you provide heat?
Here is a brief but pretty good summary of what is involved in photosynthesis:
that's probably right about the teachers... but i'm still not convinced!!!

everyone said to me , as the article you posted said it converts light energy to chemical energy.

I'll not accept that something just happens, i want to know how, by which means the photons go there and "make" energy, they have an conversation with the molecules and especulate about how pointless is to sit still?
Wiki has a more complete explanation:

Photons don't 'make' energy - they 'are' energy. The chlorophyl simply 'harvests' that energy by using it to drive a chemical reaction:
2 H2O + 2 NADP+ + 3 ADP + 3 Pi + light → 2 NADPH + 2 H+ + 3 ATP + O2
Yep, the light simply excites electrons in the chlorophyll molecules, imparting a higher energy state. This increased energy is then captured in ATP and NADPH, which then act as fuel for other reactions elsewhere. The links Bikerman provided show the important details, but that's it in a nutshell.

It's really pretty similar to the process by which microwaves heat food (microwaves agitate the water molecules, causing them to vibrate me... atomic vibration = heat), or by which ultraviolet light causes sun burns (the ultraviolet light is at sufficient energy that it can disrupt molecular bonds in many organic compounds). Energy is being put to use or otherwise has an effect upon things.
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