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Do you stalk the person you like?

Do you tend to follow the person you like a lot on the internet? Like reading anything they write or checking all the photos they have?
If I am curious about them, I would want to know whether more information is available on them, but in my experience all my love interests very rarely featured on the Internet and mostly in a professional capacity. Whereas I seem to be all over the Internet. Smile
after i got dumped i did looked a lot on social networks, "damn live! messenger" , then i realized how lame that was and stopped, ho i guess its different
yeah sometimes if i do really like that girl
these days i was listening to a podcast and a girl told a story, short:
she went out, and a guy didn't aproached her, she was disapointed but then a few months later he called her, how? he anoted the car plate and searched for the owner, then called her, saying he couldn't talk to her because he was in a relationship!

She told it was CUTE and that they date now, if i were a woman i would find that absolutelly creepy and the guy a complete ******, i mean gosh - he noted the plate and tracked her down, after taking his time with the other girl!

i mean what is the line between interest and stalking, when i was in school many boys would try to take the same routes as a girl, but tracking her car plate? seriously
I think like a poster said above, there's a point when the interest becomes obsessive and can often be harmful to both people involved. If that person finds out that they are being secretly regularly monitored it can give the impression of being violated. Depending on the scale of the infatuation, the most random ephemeral information can become extremely sensitive. Stalking, in itself is a delusion that grows with time, whereby the interested party begins to read things into the object of their desires words, actions and subliminal meaning. For example, the stalkee may make a completely nonsensical status update on some social networking site, and after time, the stalker begins to relate it to themselves and taking it like the person is referring to them personally, bizarrely, just because they want to, really badly. And this is the stalking in a nutshell. It is a strange behavior that we've all dabbled in somewhat. Yet it is born of something we cannot have. If that stalkee began following the stalker two-fold, they would call them creepy (aka conquered) and block them.

If you ever find yourself becoming a little bit too obsessed with another person on the internet, remember what the poster above said about 'internet posing' and that you are buying into something fabricated, pretentious, distant and unreal - simply for all of these reasons. I had an interest in a girl a while back, when every time I would see her photograph my heart would sink because she was very pretty. I managed to find a really poor picture of her and I set it as my desktop picture. I put up with it for 3 days and I was cured. With another girl (in real life) who couldn't get over, I just imagined her taking a dump a lot. She lost her fantasy appeal fairly quickly too. Methods!
Of course not! Laughing
To be honest, I don't think that accessing information that someone might put on the internet for public viewing etc should be considered stalking! But anyway, that said, I guess when I used to have an interest in someone I would sort of do a bit of what you call stalking. It was mostly out of curiosity though.
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