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Ghost Rider's 2011 New Year Resolution

Ghost Rider103
After a long and interesting year in 2010, I've decided it's time to make a few changes.

In the past year, I've had many ups and downs. With two car accidents, getting into a little trouble with the law, I've decided it's time to stay totally sober, and focus more on work and of course my lovely girlfriend!

The main thing that has made me come to this decision has definitely been the two car accidents. Both accidents were roll overs, and both were caused due to alcohol. Fortunately, I was not driving either time.

The first accident was a very short roll over. Only rolling once and landing upside down. There was three people in the vehicle, all of which were totally ok, and we all walked away without a scratch.

On the second accident, we weren't all so lucky. The pickup rolled a total of 3 1/2 times. There were four people in the vehicle, all of which had been drinking, but sober. However all were under the legal limit to consume any amount of alcohol, so all passengers received an MIC (Minor in Consumption).

All four passengers were transported to the hospital. The driver being the worst, suffered a dislocated hip and a broken leg. The passenger was ok for the most part, walking away with minor scratches and bruises.

The second passenger was ejected from the vehicle and had gotten totally knocked out.

I was partially ejected from the vehicle, suffering minor scratches and bruises. So nobody was really in a life threatening state, however it was definitely quite scary, especially for the passenger who was completely ejected as I had no clue at the point what was wrong with him. After running about two miles down the road to get service to call 911, as soon as I got service, my cell actually died. So I had to run all the way back, and tell one of my buddies to run and get service.

About 40 minutes later the ambulance and police arrived. We were pretty far away from any town, this is why it took quite a while. Everyone was eventually taken to the hospital in the ambulance. I personally left the hospital within an hour, possibly less. Though everyone else stayed over night, and the one with a broken leg and dislocated hip was air-lifted to a larger city where they could better deal with the dislocated hip.

Fortunately, everyone is now ok and we can all look back at that point in our lives and hopefully make something good out of it.

I personally, have already started my new years resolution back in October when the accident happened, and haven't had a drink since and I don't plan to be drinking anytime soon. Two roll-overs in one month was plenty enough for me.

I hope you all had a great year in 2010!
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Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Two roll-overs in one month was plenty enough for me.
I'm curious, I'm all for not drinking and driving, and that drinking does slow down one's reflexes, but from your description it would appear that the drivers were driving under the legal limit of alcohol? So was it the alcohol or reckless driving that was responsible for the accidents? And were the drivers speeding?
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