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Frihost CPanel Windows XP Certificate Issue

This has only happened off late. When I try to access Frihost CPanel, then there is an XP Certificate Error Issue. I still continue regardless and then receive warnings from Windows XP that I am entering a Website that is not secure, and I get the red address line with Certificate Error.

Is it possible to explain to me what is happening? Is there anyway I can get past this?

I do a fair amount of surfing on the Internet and this is the only time I've ever received this red Certificate Issue situation. It has not happened with any other Website before. I've been in and out of CPanel a few times today, and the Certificate Error Issue persisted and is still there.

Could this also be the reason that I can't publish my Website from my hard disk to Frihost? The only way I finally got to upload my files was to upload them one by one through the File Manager of cPanel. I would much prefer to get back to my quick and easy through Expressions Web.

The little bit I found on the Web about this issue says that I need to talk to the Website Manager. Will be grateful of help, many thanks. Smile
deanhills wrote:
The only way I finally got to upload my files was to upload them one by one through the File Manager of cPanel.


You could also have zipped all the files, uploaded them through FTP and extracted them with your file manager, much faster and much easier. Smile


Due to the holidays I won't have much time to check it out this weekend. However it seems this is due to your accessing the secured version of cPanel. We use a self-signed certificate and in a lot of newer browsers this gives a big security warning instead of giving an explanation. If this happens on a banking/payment website (or something similar), this probably means someone is trying to spoof that website trying to get your data. In our case it means the connection is encrypted, but no third party can verify it really is our server that encrypted it.

I'll try to look into it in a few days (if I don't please remind me of it).
I got this message last few month but I don't care too much about it because I suppose it is some browser (Chrome) issue. But I would like if in future the https will start to be white. Smile

Bondings wrote:
I'll try to look into it in a few days (if I don't please remind me of it).
Thanks Bondings. That would be great. If you have time.

Adri, thanks for the tip. I have not tried it, but have a feeling I would have developed a problem with that. Any file above 200kb I had to allow to upload first before I started the next upload. The longer the time needed for uploading the file, the greater likelihood that my Operating Software would have gone bonkers over it. It did not mind the smaller files, but the bigger ones it put its foot down. Since I had quite a number of files to upload, doing it one by one was the most accurate way to ensure they were all there.

It was a great experience from the point of view that there is always more than one way of getting the end result. If one system does not work, then there is always another one available. Would be nice however to get it working through my Website software again. That used to be completely effortless before. Like lightning.
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