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View newest post bug

The link "View newest post" doesnot seem to be working in this forum. If a new post is made and you havent viewed it, a small red icon appears on the left side of the title which has title "View newest post". But when you click on the icon, instead of showing the newest post, it simply opens the thread. If the thread has more than two pages, the link should take you to the last page and show the last post. But try it, it just opens the first page.

Shouldn't the link open the latest post?

Just found that a similar link in the " Last Post" column works fine. maybe editing the code to generate similar code for the link in the left side may work.
Fladry, isn't the link's name "View posts since your last visit"? As I can't find your "View Newest Post" link. I have just tested it and don't find any bugs in it. But maybe there is something I'm missing, or maybe you are referring to a different link? Smile
deanhills wrote:
Fladry, isn't the link's name "View posts since your last visit"? As I can't find your "View Newest Post" link.

No, I know what it is...
Clicking this image: should take you to the first unread post in that topic.

...I had noticed before that it didn't always work right for multi-page threads, but it never seemed like a huge problem.
Anyway, I expect this bug is one that all phpbb forums of this vintage came with, so it would be difficult to track down and fix.

Perhaps phpbb already made a fix for it in one of their updates?
I'll try to fix the bug.

@ocalhoun, it's probably my 'fault' and not a bug in phpBB. I changed the page urls and this is probably a bug in my code (or simply laziness).
It's no biggie for me either as I never use this link, but when Ocalhoun pointed it out to me, I don't always get that "pink" link. Like right now I have not posted for 15 hours, so there should be new posts, yet there are none, also no pink links. Again, no biggie for me. I wouldn't have picked up on it if Fladry had not mentioned it. I usually post Forum by Forum, rather than checking out a list of new postings after my previous visit.
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