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Is olive oil good for you?

Looks as though olive oil has just got a bad report by a group of vegetarians and following a research study that shows that blood flow slows down after consumption of olive oil:

Here is a link to an article on making sense of oils. Apparently nuts and seeds that are eaten in their whole form, or are freshly ground are good for us. I'm glad that coconut oil got the thumbs up, as I have been using organic virgin coconut oil. But looks as though I have to let go of the olive oil now Smile
Olive oil is considered very beneficial.Use two parts of olive oil and some lemon juice to polish wood furniture. You can also use regular olive oil, skin conditioner to revitalize and give a nice shine, but be sure to remove excess oil, after about 30 minutes.
Olive oil sucks as suntan lotion Laughing
jwellsy wrote:
Olive oil sucks as suntan lotion Laughing
Agreed, and it has an awful smell. I'd far rather go for coconut oil, or for your previous suggestion in another thread of Flax Oil.
A lot of experts claim that palm oil could also be better for you than olive oil.
I always heard of olive oil in healthy food list. Maybe I should start thinking using more types of oil, that are good fat sources instead of one.
lovescience wrote:
I always heard of olive oil in healthy food list. Maybe I should start thinking using more types of oil, that are good fat sources instead of one.
Agreed. That is probably a good rule for all foods. The greater the variety, the healthier for us.
Countless benefits of olive oil
* Children's brain development, and speeds up the strengthening of bones. In particular vitamin E, including A, D, K vitamins. Thanks to the renewal of cells of this vitamin is effective in delaying the aging of tissues and organs.
* Nourishes, protects hair. It contains linoleic acid lost babies through breast milk (4 to 5 months, then a few drops) is sütünekarýþtýrýlarak lean cows. Acts as a natural food for babies.
* One of the most important characteristics of olive oil a positive effect on the heart and vascular diseases. Decrease the risk of heart attack. One tablespoon of olive oil 14 grams, contains 120 calories. People living in Mediterranean countries, the risk of heart attack compared to other countries were found to be less
* Slimming diets extremely inconvenient to remove the olive oil meal.
* However, olive oil, intestine, urinary tract, gall bladder can be used as effective at eliminating gastritis.
Did You Know?
* Youth and adolescence is the period that the body needs food and the very high quality olive oil is a good choice here.

* Preventing loss of calcium in old age, osteoporosis is interfering.
* During pregnancy, the fatty acids in the cells of the nervous system and the creation of two tablespoons of olive oil consumed etkendir.Günde very important ..
* Olive oil is very important for athletes. Oleic acid found in olive oil burned by the muscles of the easiest and the most easily digested fat.
* Keeps the mouth and white teeth shaken.
* The role of cancer prevention:
A study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine, women who consume a high percentage of olive oil has a lower risk of developing breast cancer. In a separate study conducted by researchers of the University of Buffalo in New York, a substance found in plant oils such as olive oil which could help prevent the formation of beta-sitosterol has proven prostate cancer cells. Researchers have ordered the intracellular beta-sitosterol communication system to strengthen the cells divide, so that uncontrolled cell growth can be prevented before they become cancer concluded. The latest survey, conducted by doctors at the University of Oxford,

* Olive oil has protective properties against intestinal cancer was determined. Doctors react with acid in the stomach to prevent the start of the olive oil into bowel cancer discovered ..
* Blood pressure lowering: March 27, 2000, issue of the journal Archives of Internal Medicine published a study of olive oil once again emphasized the positive impact of high blood pressure. In addition, blood pressure-lowering drugs are made with olive tree leaves.
* The benefits of internal organs: the stomach to reduce stomach acid in olive oil protects against diseases such as gastritis and ulcers. In addition, by stimulating bile secretion, digestion allows it to become the most perfect. Regulates the discharge process and reduces the risk of gallstones in the gallbladder. Also thanks to the chlorine in the purification of waste so that the body makes and helps run the kidney. In addition to these vessels in the brain has a positive effect on health.

* Prevention of aging: vitamins contained in olive oil, because they have cell regenerative properties, is used in the treatment of old age, nourish and protect skin. Although our bodies with food, "free radicals" in the so-called take some of the ingredients. Olive oil, especially vitamin E, including those contained in the numerous anti-oxidant substance prevents damage caused by harmful substances in our bodies, renews our cells, tissues and organs to retard aging.

* Here are some of the benefits derived from olive oil with expulsion from outside:
• skin and hair adds an incredible beauty. Revitalizes dry skin, reduces wrinkles. Olive oil softens the skin and flexible, gives a smooth appearance.
• Olive Oil relaxes and refreshes tired feet. Olive oil has excellent softening and moisturizing capacity. Cracked and dry feet for dealing with the treatment.
• Olive oil softening and relieving for dealing with the area to be shaved.
• dried and used as a balm for chapped lips.
• sac prevents dandruff and hair loss. His hair shines.
• Enhances and strengthens nails.
• Olive oil can be reduced with the birth cracks.
• maintenance of lactation with olive oil is best for the nipple.
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Benefits of Olive oil
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