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The story of an ingenious thief

After seeing a lot of movies about criminal masterminds, I sometimes wonder if those robberies actually happen in reality. After reading this story, I guess they do.

A nice read, although it seems to lack a bit of skepticism and seems quite embellished.
Wow! What a story. This Blanchard guy has to be a very hyper-active kind of guy with a great gift for electronics as well as an impeccable eye for detail. I just can't believe for all of his thefts that he only got 8 years jail sentence and of that only had to serve 2 years. Wonder how long it is going to take for him to start his schemes again. Vancouver is notorious for schemers. I'm certain we are going to hear about him again. I can imagine however that he will completely change his ID and become invisible, maybe move to the States?

Wonder whether he can do the same as your other Combs guy did with his painstaking research of cheques, and start with public speaking, or assist banks? Although I can't imagine that there can't be as much fun in that, as him testing and challenging their security systems for himself, and rewarding himself with lots of cash. Smile

By the way, this would make a nice New Year's Resolution. Maybe we should try and track down Blanchard and ask him to post a resolution? Or try and follow his mind-set and do one of our own? We could call it the Blanchard New Year's Resolution .... Smile
Thank you, Bondings, for the interesting read. What a thief! Like Dean, I am surprised at his short jail sentence. I hope he does not move to the States. I think the UAE would be better for him, Dean. (laugh)
standready wrote:
I think the UAE would be better for him, Dean. (laugh)
Laughing Laughing A good suggestion Standready. Dubai is good for that too. People need to have plenty of ID documentation here however, but I'm sure he would be able to fix that. I'd really like to spend some time in his company however, I have a feeling that one would be thoroughly entertained by his ideas as well as being on a great learning curve.
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