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Linux: Screen Recorder

I'm new to ubuntu 10.10 gnome and i'm wondering what's the best screen recorder.

I'm currently using desktop recorder but its sucks since the output has some bugs. Graphics become

pixel and and im move, not all objects appears on the video... i'm wondering what does the other users use

especially those videos uploaded in youtube which has great video output.
I use recordMyDesktop (gtk). I think it is very good and easy to use. It allows you to specify the window to record from and has more settings but often the default is fine.
Here is a youtube video recorded by recordMyDesktop:

The graphics looks good but the music can sound a little bad sometimes. I guess that could have been helped by increasing the sound frequency setting.

If you want to record OpenGL graphics you will have to enable "Full shot at every frame". This is not optimal but it is the only way I know of.
I would suggest at least trying vlc. It is an easy video player/audio player, and besides those features it can grab about anything if you set it up right and give it the correct information. Sometimes it works wonders, other times it will not cut crud. It just depends on how the cpu and ram work with the OS and how vlc interacts with it.

Sometimes, like I said it is a wonderful program for catching your screen and other times it just sucks. There are other programs, a plethora, of them but for my purposes of screenshots and a few films I use vlc.

It can even be used to record your screen while it plays (in another instance) a movie.

My two cents give vlc a try.

GLC is a Linux command-line program for capturing videos in games or any program using OpenGL. Quality is excellent, but you need a fairly recent PC to run it effectively. A good hard drive is essential, anything under 7200 rpm will result in very low framerates.

If you run Ubuntu, the program's author posted in the forums 3 years ago asking for people to test the program, and he provede a build script to make for an easy install.

I installed it in Ubuntu Hardy Heron two years ago, and used it to capture scenes in the Second Life viewers while logged in to OSGrid, a 3D simulator virtual world using the opensource software OpenSim.

Visual quality was top notch, but my hardware was below par at the time so frame rates suffered. I'm going to try it again in Ubuntu 10.04 with additional RAM and a better graphics card.

Another Linux video capture program I haven't tried yet is Yukon--the glc author mentions that on his site but I cannot seem to find a download for it so I haven't tried it yet.
That is all very useful, but I never knew that VLC could do SO much. I had VLC installed, but didn't go through what else it can do besides play "everything" Smile

Now that you mentioned it, I think I should read the help files and try out all the stuff. I used to have another software for converting WAV files to mp3, but looks like VLC can do that too ! Amazing !!!
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