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do u scare exam?

next week my school start the final exam...
i am worry now...

How did you pass in your test?
Please share your experience!
School exam. BOY this will bring back memories. I havent had "written" exams since I was 2nd year in college. On my third year up in fine arts school, everything was practical exam. And you do them at home. So wouldn't worry. I would worry when it comes to deliberating your work.

In music school it was the same. No written exams. Just performances. Boy, I do miss written exams. The kind of exams I get these days are answering trivia and surveys in magazines.... and filling up forms in the net. LOLZ
Ahhh, exams. They're not too bad - you've got nothing to be scared of if you're completely prepared for the exam. Razz Cause really, they tell you what topics will come up in the exam... lol.

I'm lucky, because right now, I only get 'easy tests'. Not 'hard' enough to call 'exams', haha.

I won't have any major exams until I actually finish school... those exams are like, major. I'm scared of those ones. xD

Uhhh... probably just make sure you're well prepared and that you feel good and stuff. Smile [I probably haven't even answered your question...]
ah, i don't really scare them
they aren't terrible. do they?
School exam. My school menmories came back. i worried about that yet, but i have to meet that. so i do my best to read and remember the important things not to have change to care the exam.
OMG I hate exams!
I am ones of those types of people who just put studying & revision etc, off until the last minute!
(if I even end up studying for one at all) Razz
The actual exams themselves are not to difficult though.
The part I really hate is the pressure that builds up for you to study.
Which reminds me I have a science exam on Monday...
(oh well *sighs*)
I only worry about the exams when I didn't review my lessons.
I am scared of exams. I wish exams were not there.
The way to pass most exams is know vocab. If you know vocab, you can put it together and get A++ Sentences.


Centrifuge - A spinning tube that seperates matter depending on its mass.
My exams are usually easy; just study and you will do fine.
I think exams themselves aren't scary if you study well. Wink

By the way, I'm scared of the teachers because you never know their character... Confused
If you are confident of yourself and if you don't try to do poorly on purpose, then I guess you won't do too bad on an exam...

Note: The topic said "do u scare exam?" It sounds a bit like you scare exam! I guess if you write like that on an exam, you would be deeply in trouble...
actually i am not afriad of tests and exams, as i think every time it's a challenge to me.

before the final examination, normally i just read some main points the night before. i did not study much that day, and i watched tv, played all around as normal days. Because i did the study right after the class that day~~~
falconfx wrote:
I think exams themselves aren't scary if you study well. Wink

By the way, I'm scared of the teachers because you never know their character... Confused

I m Not Scared OF my teachers Atleast........

In Exams I Cant Comment.........Depends On the Subjects.....
This is last the test in the school
after that do u have continue to study???
one question ! who likes exam ?
If you are not nervous about exams, you are unlikely to bother about it. This probably means lack of preparation and thus, not able to perform as well as you would like to.
No matter how well I prepared, I was always scared by exams. But I never get fully prepared. Cool
ohh i dont like exams
when exams comes i have Hypertension and Shezophrenia and become crazy and full of fear from exams
I am not afraid of exams !!!
Me i am not scare before or during the exam , i am scare when i receive the resultat .
pkou wrote:
Me i am not scare before or during the exam , i am scare when i receive the resultat .

haha Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

today i just finish my final exam....
i am scare for my result... Sad Sad Sad
went from school to school to university to university and frankly : exam for me was the best part of the year ... finally after all that partying all those little quizzes, some easy, some not to hard, and some ... damn reallay really hard ones. 31 now, going to quit studying for a while, but knowledge is a nice thing to have - even and sometimes especially those seemingly useless stuff. I have said far too often in my life : damn I have known this once, or it was in one of the classes I had -I wish I did not skip that particular chapter when studying for my exams...

don't skip, don't be afraid, just do the best you can ... and in some time during life all will be rewarded one way or another
Speaking about the postiive side of exam, it is good for a student to take the chance and gain knowledge. Without the exam, there may not be enough motivation for a student to study really hard. But you cannot learn by not spending effort and hoping you will learn how to do mathematics or learn new words... Rolling Eyes
huh.. this month i have exam..
3 failed.. oh noo!!
Honestly, being a math major, I find exams really fun. I am a complete nerdy weirdo, I know. What I am saying is that when you've sat through hours and hours and hours of math class and understand everything that is being taught, getting an exam is truly a break. All you have to do is use what you've learned and apply it to written circumstance. Upper level math courses I'm taking now are really challenging and exhilirating because I finally get to use logic and application to deal with problems rather than just regurgitating facts onto the page.

In short, exams don't scare me; they thrill me.
bring back my memories.. 10 years ago...when I am 16y.o
if u study n make preparation..
its nothing u should afraid..

or maybe u need counseling? Question
Good tip for you to try out.

Cover up the answers and think the question through (trying to establish the answer before looking at the possiblilities)

If anxiety overwhelms you during tests take a break. Looking at other people sweating and getting pissed always made me laugh. I used to put my head down for 2 minutes after the tests were passed out and just concentrated on relaxing and breathing.

Dont focus on previous questions, dont get down on yourself if you think you missed a bunch previously.

Keep a pace, otherwise you will spend 5 minutes on a problem you probably wouldnt get right anyways - giving you more time to work on questions you probably know the answer to ... you can always go back.

If worst comes to worst and you wont pass the class if you dont pass the test and you know for 100 percent certainty that you are going to fail - look to your left. Unless of course you are trying to be a medical professional in which case I my luck you would be my doctor 10 years from now who cheated on his/her air embolism test.

best of luck 2 ya ... glad im done though Razz
If it weren't for exams I never would have passed the courses.

I've just always been good at taking tests, whether I knew the material or not I can usually BS my way through it. ;D
exams ?? wat exams?

haha, i had nvr felt fear in taking any exams. I ll either feel sastified bout it, or dissappointed. tats all. but i did used to have nitemares about taking exams .. .z.z.. time for bed
My Exams are so easy after you get the hang of it I didint even study if you have likek a A in the class and its your Final Exam or Midterm, You really dont have to study to pass so I dont really care if I fail them my grade just goes down to a B and then that's my Grade for the year. But that worked for y peoberly not everyone. If you want to pass proberly just study, eat a good breakfast and get a good night sleep like they say.
To me, exams are there.

I can't do anything about them.

I have to take them.

Fine. Let's do it. Get it over with.

Sometimes the fact that you have to do something makes it a little less scary because you know there's nothing else you can't do so you might as well just do it.
I don't worry about exams. I see no point in it. If you're scared of exams then you lack confidence. Confidence is a huge aid when taking exams.
I try not to study too hard for exams too. After a certain point, the amount of time that I spend studying seems to have a negetive affect on my scores.
i don't fear exam, only worry about essay... Sad Sad Sad
definally hate exams but no choice.....
actaually this stress before exam make it harder than it is , have you never missed some questions and later at home , reading them again , found the answer out laughing loud at yourself ?
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