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Looking for logo improvement, can pay coins or Fri$

A close friend of mine is setting up his own Wing Chun Kung Fu class after teaching the art for 20 years as 2nd in command at another club.

I'm going to help him with the structural bones of his website, but my graphic design skills are pretty rough so if anyone wants to improve this draft for his logo:

We can hopefully come to some arrangement through coins or Fri$.

The basic design must include only red, white & black colours, and the triangle inside the circle must be the main focus. Ammendments such as font, thickness of triangle etc are fine, it just needs to look better than my effort!
The logo will eventually be used on his website, leaflets and uniform/outfits/clothing.

If anyone is interested please feel free to negotiate a price and/or post your designs here, the choice will ultimately be my friends although the coins/Fri$ will come from me Smile
can you give me enough coins (350) for a domain if i develop this logo?
Ooh that's a lot of coins! Lol

Well, if it's a nice slick looking logo and my friend chooses to use it, yep I'll be willing to part with 350 coins. I'm not so concerned with getting a domain voucher myself as he's used a paid UK based host anyway.

350 coins is the first offer then - but negotiations remain open to anyone else who's interested? Smile
okay... i will modify it and post it here soon.. Very Happy
Nice one gphoenix, looking forward to seeing it. Smile

If it's any help with your artistic ideas, the black, red & white are 'set in stone', but how the colours are distributed is flexible - the circle could be white with, red text and a black triangle for example, whichever might look better.

...also, two versions would be very helpful, one with the text and one without. It will just make it easier for me to play with it on flyers and leaflets etc.
Here.. ask your friend how these logos look Very Happy

I personally think the second ones better.. and you can easily remove the second ones text Very Happy Its transparent too Very Happy
Nice work, my friend likes the second one with the text below it, but doesn't want any blue in the borders anywhere, or the Yin-Yang & Chinese symbols.

A 'fatter' version of the white triangle shape with more prominent shadows might do the trick though (perhaps the white lines one half thicker again), he likes the way it's kind of 'dissected' the circle more than my version Smile
Okay..Workin on it Very Happy

Pick one.. please.. its really hard.. still Very Happy
And the winner is....

...cheers fella, my mate really likes this one so 350 coins just donated your way Smile
Very Happy GREAT! thank you a hell lot watersoul.. i liked that one too Very Happy
Excellent work gphoenix. You deserve a medal for all of the effort. If I may ask, what software did you use to make the logo with?
Do you still need help with this one or are you going to use one of watersoul's logos?
@ Deanhills : I use Photoshop CS4 Premium edition Very Happy

@ Flakky : Watersoul posted the request Flakky .. i solved it , watersoul selected one and posted it as the winner!
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