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Automatic Copies of Reports to Mail Boxes?

Would it be easy from a coding point of view for copies of our reports to be automatically forwarded to our PM Mail Boxes so that we could have a record of our reports? I think it could be helpful to keep track of the reports that we have made.
Ghost Rider103
Just curious, but how would this benefit you or any other users?

I think it would be fine if we created a list of all of the reports made by a specific user. I personally wouldn't want my reports (if I wasn't a moderator) to go into my Inbox as it would clutter it. Making it an option for users whether or not to get a confirmation that the report was sent or not would just require even more work involved.
It's of course possible, but to display them would require quite some coding especially since the sql queries for the reports are rather complex to say the least and I wouldn't like to touch them unless really necessary. And it would probably only be used by a few people.
Unless making reports is a hobby (like some people using the "Like" feature on Facebook), and you want to keep track of what you have and have not reported (without simply keeping track in some other application), this is kinda cluttery and, imo, silly.

If you didn't report something the first time you thought it was offensive, perhaps it wasn't important enough to report?
Ghost Rider103
Which is exactly why I asked, how would it benefit normal users (normal being non-staff members).

If there is a very good reason as to why it would help users, I see no reason why we shouldn't consider it. However if it's just a few people wanting to look at all their past reports, I don't think it would be worth the effort to go through the programming to do such a thing.

It's a fine idea, just debating whether or not it's worth the time to program the functions is the real question here.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Which is exactly why I asked, how would it benefit normal users (normal being non-staff members).
It would be to my benefit to log all the reports I have made so that I could refer back to them if necessary. I don't make reports a hobby, as I don't like making reports to begin with, but we have been encouraged to do reports by Moderators instead of responding to trolling and flaming. It is particularly those kinds of reports that I would like to log somewhere for future reference. I would like to see what I have written before as well as have a link to the thread where the discussion took place.

However if it is too much hard work to have a feature like that, relative to the small number of users who may be using a feature like that as indicated by Bondings, I can easily start my own log by copying and pasting my comment to text files. No biggie.
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