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strange issue with missing graphics in windows XP

Hi all,
Lately I've been having this strange issue where I the Start button text is missing from the start menu (only when I clicked it ) and I get strange messages where the buttons (ok and cancel) are showing when I move the cursor over them and disappear when I "mouseout" of them.
also I keep getting error messages that say something like "not enough resources to display the volume....ect... for all my drives, I'm not sure what if exactly says as it was driving me crazy,
I'll post a screenshot the next time I get them.
and the funniest bit is that I reinstalled the system 2 months ago because it was acting up too.
mostly because the login screen was displaying incorrectly.
anybody had this issue too? could this be a HW issue or drivers?
thanks in advance.
i think you should change your graphic card.
It looks like a virus problem.
nam_siddharth wrote:
It looks like a virus problem.

I'm not sure about that, I mostly use opensource software and the rest is freeware.
and my Avira is up to date and so is my comodo firewall.
Is it an old computer ?
Maybe you've got a virus from one of those freewares.

Have you tried to reboot? It could be as simple as that (maybe it's only a software left open that uses most of the memory).

On the HARDWARE side it could be the RAM or even the graphics card.
Alerrandre wrote:
i think you should change your graphic card.

I don't think it is a graphics card problem

But try reinstalling the graphics drivers.

A screenshot would be very useful.

Post a screenshot when you can.

And let us know if reinstalling the graphics driver helps.
pll wrote:
Is it an old computer ?
Maybe you've got a virus from one of those freewares.
Have you tried to reboot? It could be as simple as that (maybe it's only a software left open that uses most of the memory).

It' pretty old, going on 5 years, it's still a single core x86 .
the freeware programs are mainly my AV ( avira ), IMGburn and comodo firewall.
a reboot is all I can do whenever it happens, and it can work fine for a few hours after which it starts all over again.

first chance I get to fire up the old bugger I'll send the screenshots.
I'll also try to reinstall the driver.
I did add my external HDD to my rig, I'll try reseating the graphics card just to exclude that.
It's possible that it's just Windows doing what it does best-failing. The fact that you reinstalled recently kind of rules that out though. It's also possible that the age of the computer is causing some problems, as well.
I didn't have the time yet to try again ( my laptop works so I spend most of my time on that one ).
the installation should be ok, the fist thing I will do is reinstall the OS and then pull an image from it so I don't have to go through the hassle of reinstalling the old sparky.
if it will start over again I'll install slackware on it and run it as a local server.
and i'll drop XP in a VM.
What happens if you boot into safe mode? Do the same things happen?

If I were you I'd see if you are able to save all your documents (run full virus sweep of them first), the wipe the machine and rebuild it. Or at the very least try a repair of Windows through the recovery console
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