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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

So now we have an announcement and a trailer. But not a lot else to go on at the moment.

The region is one of the most northerly so naturally it's freezing cold all year round. It's a rough, mountainous region populated primarily by nords, elves and the things that like to eat nords and elves. Which according to the trailer, may well include dragons.

So at the very least it should be a lot less achetypically fantasy and hopefully be more akin to Morrowind in terms of the richness of the lore, the diversity in the landscape and the personality of the characters that inhabit this realm.

Edit: Okay, so it seems that the game will use a whole new engine. But I bet it's a new version of gamebryo engine rather than something built from scratch. But at least it should bring the necessary graphical improvements either way.
Ah man this is sweet, thanks for posting. I wish I would've watched the VGA to see it then.
It seems the release date is 11-11-11, haha awesome less than a year. Good deal.
Here's the map, the white is Skyrim if thou can't readeth.

Hopeful, Bethesda works their magic again. I'm looking forward to this.
Dementei wrote:
It seems the release date is 11-11-11

Oh dear. Diablo 3 will have been released by that time too (if the rumors hold true). That's two rpg games aching to be played at the same time.
There's no hope of Diablo 3 next year. Well, I'd be amazed if there was, anyway. Actiblizz placed Diablo 3 in their 2012 and beyond category. Meaning it's anyone's guess when it will finally be released.

As for Skyrim, what do people want to see in that game? What do you not want to see in this game that was in previous Elder Scrolls games?

For me:

- Decent AI
- Some focus on survival
- Better rendering of characters
- Far more dialogue
- Rich lore
- Well written story
- NPCs with some personality
- Good combat system

Don't want
- A generic fantasy environment
- Everything levelling up with you
- Oblivion's awful lock picking system
- The ability to become overpowered
- An over-reliance on recycled environments
Okay, scratch that. It's definitely not using the Gamebryo engine after all.
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