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[Help] php script to post to twitter

Hi, I need a php script to post to twitter, had one but with new authentication changes twitter I stopped working a week ago, I searched a lot and tried several but not to me none worked.
Now you have to connect the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret those obtained when you create an application, it is not enough just with the username and password, and so far I've only able to publish these data with a plugin wordpress, but I need to publish directly and if anyone have or know of a script that works currently, they are grateful.
Friends, this post is published in the Spanish forum, but got no response, maybe you can help me here, sorry for the translation, thank you very much.
I can not help you on this piont , because I can`t see IT,
mrjw wrote:
I can not help you on this piont , because I can`t see IT,

Excuse me, but I do not understand what I say, not if there is a problem of translation, I'm translated from Spanish to English translator Google, I know very little English but I have no other than post because as I said in Spanish one forum could help me with this, well here is a forum more PHP specific and not Spanish Forum which is issues in general. Down this same untranslated public in case it read someone who speaks Spanish and put the link to post in Spanish.
Thanks and sorry.

Disclpame, pero no entiendo lo que me decs, no se si es que hay algn problema de traduccin, yo lo estoy traduciendo desde el espaol al ingls con el traductor de Google, yo se muy poco de ingls pero no me queda otra que publicar as porque como dije en el foro de espaol nadie pudo ayudarme con esto, adems ac es un foro mas especifico de PHP y no como en el foro de espaol que es de temas en general.
Abajo publico esto mismo sin traducir por las dudas que lo lea alguien que hable espaol y coloco el enlace al post en espaol.
Gracias y disculpen.
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