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Hospital errors?

Hello everyone

This summer I fell through a glass door at some party and cut my wrist. A friend accidently pushed me when we were a little bit too wild, but what's done is done. My friends drove me to the emergency room at the hospital. They patched me up, and gave me stitches. I was cut pretty deep in my right wrist, very near to an artillery, but luckily nothing was hit. I was allowed to leave the hospital about an hour after and had to return 10 days later to another doctor to get the stitches out.

3 days later (I had to renew my bandage) I noticed that the stitches weren't really done very properly. Me and my partents thought it looked very bad. I didn't had the courage to look at it in the hospital. (I looked the other way, I was kinda freaking out at the time ^^) I guessed it was just me, and wrapped it up again. The doctor also allowed me to go to my vacation job. (which was about 5 days after I got the accident) I gave him my job description (just office work) and he said it wouldn't be any problem. After asking him twice, he assured me I could do anything.

After 10 days I returned to my doctor and he took the stitches out. They were out for about 5 seconds and parts of the wound 'split' open again. I looked the other way again... Razz and the doctor gave me a lotion. He said I shouldn't have done my vacation job, and that the stiches weren't done so well. The wound eventually started healing and about 8 days later it was completely gone.

About five months later, it still hurts/itches/... sometimes and I'm left with a much bigger scar than expected. I think (and other doctors think) that with better stitches and an advice not to do my vacation job, this could have been prevented. I must admit I lost some trust in the hospitals here.

I hope the scar will fade a bit more. I try to hide it a bit, but I'm really angry with the doctor that treated me. I'm considering (my doctor gave the advice) to visit a surgeon and to see if he can clean it up a bit. The scar is also in an uncomfortable location, since every time I turn my wrist I can still kind of feel it 'pulling' in a way. It annoys me a lot.

I know the scar doesn't look too bad anymore, and that there are people with a lot worse, but still I think errors were made that could have been easily prevented.

Did anybody here have any same experience or have some advice for me what to do?

I hear a lot of people complaining in my region about treatments given in the emergency room. They tell me that they treat people very quickly and without much care. What's your experience with hospitals and their quality of service?
joostvane wrote:
I hear a lot of people complaining in my region about treatments given in the emergency room. They tell me that they treat people very quickly and without much care. What's your experience with hospitals and their quality of service?
A friend's son broke his arm close to the wrist. They did a really bad plaster for it, so much so that his hand was bending upwards. My friend and his wife were really concerned that he may not be able to use the hand, or that it would have to be operated on. That was an emergency job here in the UAE. Since he is still very young though, that sorted itself out eventually with some therapy. So maybe this is a universal problem?

I think your experience is a bad one and that the stitches were poorly done. Nice though that it did not get infected as I thought that there would have been a good chance of that with those gaps. You must have very good resistance to infection. Smile
I did get infected a little bit, but luckily I went to a doctor immediately and he clean it up.

Yes, I do think it is a universal problem. I hear a lot of complaints here, especially from the emergency departements. A lot of people here visit their regular doctor after a visit to the hospital (like for stitches), just so they can have a quick check.
I have experiencing when i was on monthly check up they have a different findings other doctor who have check up me also.
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Yeah, they did a pretty crummy job. It does look like you're lucky to be alive. But, for now there's not much you can do about it now. Plastic surgery may be an option some time in the future. The redness will fade over time.
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