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Knight & Day

Has anyone seen this film? I remember when it came out in theaters and I thought to myself: "Man that looks dumb". I don't know if they revised the trailer or what but the On-Demand trailer makes it look funny and entertaining. I'm sure it is stupid and the plot is probably not that good, but sometimes I enjoy mindless dumb movies. Does anyone have a review of this movie for me?

It is average entertainment. Better than most, but I expected more, probably because of Tom Cruise being part of the show. I then got a nice surprise, as I am not really much of a fan of Cameron Diaz but she was really good in this movie and I thought even better than Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise appeared as though he was overacting his role, he was not wearing it well an I missed that natural spark of him that we usually find in any of his roles. Cameron Diaz however was a natural in her role. I was very impressed with her acting. I also wonder why she does not try comedies as she seems to have a knack for acting comically as well.
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