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Want to Learn Design?

Ghost Rider103
As many of you probably know, my career has been headed into the design field. Through the past two years I've been extremely busy with client work.

I have a few days of free time, so if anyone would like to learn some design techniques, Skype actually has a video-chat plug-in that allows users to share screens.

So I am offering to show my screen to anyone while I design some sort of item of your choice. It can be anything from filter effects to typography and text effects. Some things, like space projects from scratch can take up to 20+ hours, so I'd prefer not to do something that complex as I don't have that much free time.

You can look through my gallery at and click on designs. You can pick something from my portfolio, or ask for something new. I also have a few more things on my DeviantArt portfolio that are not on my website yet:

So if anyone would like to be taught and watch me work, I will be glad to help some people amount for a small amount of coins/frih$. The price will be determined by what you want to see me design.

Please note, you can group chat on Skype, so if I can get a few people at once that would be great!

My Skype name is -pm me for skype name

You must have Skype to be able to take advantage of this offer.

p.s., if I get enough requests here, I may do some sort of weekly thing where I create a new design for my portfolio. I need to brush up on my digital design skills, I've been on just web designs for far too long. I need to throw in some variety.
Ghost Rider103
I would like to update: You no longer need to have Skype to view my screen.

I've figured out a way to screen-share via USTREAM. All you need to do is go here: to view the stream. You will need a password to view the live video feed. Please just PM me for the password and I will give it to you.

I'll be leaving this up continually as I have two monitors, so I will just leave the one monitor I use for designing live.
PM me for password.
Thanks for this, I will be sure to check it out at a later date.
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