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Working at a Theme Park

Hi guys,

I was just recently hired to work as part of the Show Crew at Universal Studios Hollywood, and am truly ecstatic about starting. I was given a basic orientation on how the park operated and how I can expect scheduling to look like. But I'd like to know how it's like for an individual (personally, emotionally, socially) working day-to-day at such a theme park as Universal. Any stories?

For me it's kind of a childhood dream come true, but maybe it will later become a nightmare?
I can't speak to working at a theme park, but as far as getting a job that you have dreamed about for a long time, I can. I dreamed of being a fire fighter for a long time. I went to college and lost sight of that dream. I began a career and further lost sight of it. One day I found out that my community had a volunteer fire department. I joined up. After a while I explored the possibility of changing my profession and realizing that dream.

Once I did, things changed. The things that had brought me joy in being a fire fighter were lost with many of the down sides of it being my JOB. I have found that things can change when they become a job and not a passion. My advice to you, is focus on why you have always wanted to do something and let all of the other crap that comes with it roll off. You can't get away from it, but you can deflect it or avoid it dragging you down. Smile

Good luck!
What you need to remember is that you have a job to do. It won't be like casually visiting the park for 5 days a week as a guest - you are there to make sure that the guests enjoy themselves, and the sad truth is that in that kind of environment, your happiness comes second to theirs... I used to *love* going to the airport - it would always feel exciting and magical - that was until I started working in one... the ''glamour'' wears off quite quickly I must say, and I can imagine that the same thing would happen to you...

But despite that, you've landed your ''dream job'' - so congrats, and find ways of enjoying yourself without raising too many eyebrows! Smile
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