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Have you Ever used Phython


Have you Ever used Phython. what is so special about this language.

Is it better than php?

thank you
Used it a bit here for college but from what I used of it not really. I'd say php is php and python is python, although thats just my opinion of it Smile
Used Python for small scripts and one slooooow paced development of a bigger project (in freetime) but only desktop apps, no webdev.

It's hard to compare the languages, PHP is more C like, Py is "more dynamic". PHP has a lot larger community, hosting support and resources online and essentially the language is developed to be used on the world wide web.
Py is faster in core but I don't know about that with web frameworks. And if you just starting with the whole server side programming then most likely the speed difference not gonna be matter to you anyway.

Can't say better, but I would suggest PHP, because of the large community and many tutorials on the net.

Perhaps php back end and javascript Ajax front end.
Never used at all.
Possum wrote:

Perhaps php back end and javascript Ajax front end.

Indeed, going to have to agree with Kacsababa's view on this. PHP has a much larger supporting community, which is why the "php-backend/ajax" front-end is so common.
It has a simple syntax and is easily exstensible with c/c++ libraries.
There are a lot of libraries for python, some of this are implementations of python in other languages, eg. you write python and you end with javascript.
While PHP is for webdevelopment, Python can be used also for desktop development.
In webdevelopment PHP has a faster execution, but Python it's easier to mantain.
Python community it's a kind of split, since there are many libraries and frameworks, so it may seem that the PHP one is bigger.
Python hosts are fewer than PHP ones, and usually they support only 2 or 3 frameworks.
Behind frameworks, you can make python web development with apache mods. There are two mods of this kind: mod_python, which is no more developed, and mod_wsgi.
You can have a look to my browser game which is made in python with mod_python.
Personal opinion and preference is that PHP is better for web projects, but that Python is naturally more suited to everything else.

If you were going to invest time in only learning one of them, I'd say Python because it is more generic in that way, but I'd recommend both.
Possum wrote:

Have you Ever used Phython. what is so special about this language.

Is it better than php?

thank you

Actually not just in my own opinion but also if you will ask professional developers, they will say python is the best. Maybe your asking why? Because PHP works only for web development although in some point it works with other things with the help of it's other libraries like GD library and etc. Python works in web development and as creation of some application. If you will use linux, you will see lots of python made apps. Smile
i have tried to use it but cant understand it so decide to leave it.
Is it better than php?

never ask that, for any PL, it's calling for a flamewar... specially you ask about php you're attracting fanboys and haters and there's people who actually feel that php is scum, i find this behaviour ultimatelly terrorist and useless, php has its flaws, but fullfils its pourpose with greatness.

i do know a bit about python, first of all it's almost impossible to campare Python with php, php is mainly used to develop web applications sure it has its foots and hands on desktop and even mobile, but you can't deny it's really not the strenghts of php.

python has a much more wider focus but it has great webdevelopment capabilities with frameworks such as django.

they are both worth learning
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