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The Naga Viper - World's Hottest (healthiest?) Pepper

Just can't understand how people can torture themselves with hot peppers like this one. From England no less Smile
You might think the Naga Viper would hail from some part of the world with a strong demand for spicy food, such as India or Mexico. But the new pepper is actually the handiwork of Gerald Fowler, a British chili farmer and pub owner, who crossed three of the hottest peppers known to man -- including the Bhut Jolokia -- to create his Frankenstein-monster chili.

This is a description of Fowler's experience with trying the pepper, he insists it is a healthy experience:
But Fowler -- who makes customers sign a waiver declaring that they're of sound mind and body before trying a Naga Viper-based curry -- insists that consuming the fiery chili does the body good.

"It numbs your tongue, then burns all the way down," he told the paper. "It can last an hour, and you just don't want to talk to anyone or do anything. But it's a marvelous endorphin rush. It makes you feel great."

Source: The LookOut
I love spicy food - although I dont know if I could gun this down.... I'd probably be shotgunned... Laughing

I've tasted habanero sauce, and that is 10 times more spicy than tabasco sauce, but my friend can drink the habanero sauce bottle plain. He has done it with tabasco before... although I don't see the point.

Its incredible that defence organizations are going to use it for a chemical weapon, and yet people actually can eat it, based on the rate of its spiciness.. Shocked

I'd like to taste it... but I think I'd like to have the fire department close by. Laughing
I also love spicy. But more along the lines of a harmony of all the tastes together. I.e. the salty, sweet, pungent and sour blended into one. For example, so far the best ever curry I have tasted was from Sri Lanka. They just know how to blend all the tastes together so that it is still strong, but has a well rounded taste.

I'm not sure I can tackle the pepper sauce on its own however. A person like that has to have taste buds that have been desensitized? Or just has a great capacity for fiery peppers? Smile
off topic:

What is the difference between “Spicy” Food and “Hot” Food?

People commonly use the words “hot” and “spicy” interchangeably. However, is that these two words represent two different taste sensations in our palate. When we talk about a food being “hot” in taste, we really mean that it produces a burning sensation in one’s mouth. On the other hand, “spicy” traditionally describes savory and flavorful foods.

For example, we all know that Tabasco sauce is “hot.” Add a tablespoon of Tabasco sauce to your scrambled eggs would inevitably produce a strong burning sensation in one’s mouth. However, one would not call that scrambled egg spicy. By the same token, you can eat some well-seasoned Italian Sausage, that may have all kinds of seasonings and flavor, but you would not necessarily call it “hot.”

Don't get your asian host confused when you cannot stand "hot" food. Later you might end up with bland tasteless food.
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