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Mini laptops

What do you think about netbooks ?
The screen is too small I hate it !!
 22%  [ 2 ]
Some have pretty decent specs
 55%  [ 5 ]
The idea is nice but I need more power to do what I do
 11%  [ 1 ]
It's useless
 0%  [ 0 ]
Instead of spending on a netbook I'd buy a real PC
 11%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 9

Hey guys!!
I bought a mini laptop recently and it's quite nice since it has built in mobile broadband it's kinda nice because I don't need a Wireless USB KEY from a mobile service provider.
I'd like to know what you think about those PCs ? I think mine is pretty decent for the $200 I spent on it!! It works nice for the web and MSN.

Didn't try any games though.
Battery life is great.
I like netbooks in general, primarily because they're much easier to carry around and use in tighter spaces. I would never have just a netbook, though. I would want a full sized notebook to go along with it since I often do require power on the go.

Which netbook did you get?
I got a compaq N450-CA. It works really great for what I did with it, and it even has a GPS integrated and a slot for a SIM card if I want to subscribe on MOBILE BROADBAND with my wireless carrier.

And for the price I paid it's a really great deal!! Cool

At the beginning I bought it to sell it back and make some money but I think I'm gonna keep it a while. Cool

Maybe I'm going to try a stress test with it soon!
I want to get a netbook for school. For the web and typing papers and notes. I just really like how small they are and how easy it is to take with you.

You can't really compare them to desktops though, they have different intended purposes. They are called netbooks becuase of that, all you can really do is surf the net with them! Some of the newer ones are coming out with dual processors and you might be able to do more CPU intensive stuff with them.
I wanted to buy one last year but when I had one in front of me at the store I noticed that my hands are too big for the keyboard.
which is hard for one that writes code most of the time.
so I went and bought a regular 15" laptop for less then 100 more Wink
Netbooks generally have great battery life and are so easy to carry around. They are ideal as thin clients for virtual desktops; this may become more popular in the near future.
To me it would seem to be a great thing to take around and use for writing notes. If that's all you needed it for...of course if you are studying a field in computers/web or graphic design I would go for a more equipped laptop.
WhaT i THINK oF mIni

1. Good For ladies.
2. Good for extrema travelers.
3. Need new technology that allows bigger screen (folding monitors ? )
4. Good for the people who can spend money on two laptops. One being for the casual play and other for serious work.
Rajiev wrote:
WhaT i THINK oF mIni

1. Good For ladies.
2. Good for extrema travelers.
3. Need new technology that allows bigger screen (folding monitors ? )
4. Good for the people who can spend money on two laptops. One being for the casual play and other for serious work.

I disagree.
The first part is just ridiculous and sexist with no basis in reality, but the other points are semi-valid. They are great for travelers, with long battery life, compact size and being lightweight. The technology exists for larger monitors, but, larger monitors defeats the purpose of using a mini. Alternatively, every mini notebook I've seen has VGA out and supports many large monitor resolutions.
These things are capable of serious work. They're not necessarily as fast getting the work done, for obvious reasons, but there's virtually nothing that the average (even above average in most cases) user can't do on these that they can do with a larger, more powerful system. The only exceptions are exceptionally complex math programs and some graphics limitations (almost exclusively gaming).

If you're a hardcore gamer, yeah, they won't do, but for almost ANY other application, they will perform admirably, given their limitations.
I was offered one last year by my employer as my laptop is 'getting old' and I need one due to the mobile elements of my job.
I begrudgingly gave it a test run but just couldn't get on with the small keyboard so ended up saving the organisation a fair amount of money by keeping my old kit.
It does the job well and I couldn't see the point in the expense of buying something that in my mind was inferior due to the tiny keys and my big fingers.
...I was the only one out of 15 who turned it down but hey I don't mind being old-fashioned! Laughing
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