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What softwares are good for biulding a webpage?

I was wondering what softwares people use to make professional looking websites. I use the following: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia Studio 8, Swift3d. What other professional softwares do you use?

Please post softwares that you use to enhance your webpage.

Thank you.

P.s : I was wondering, how do I request a web account. This is my first time here and This is my first post. Please respond.
I use adobe photoshop cs, MS paint, MS Front Page,

read the FAQ for info about getting an web account here Smile
Flash, Dreamweaver, PhotoImpact (you could predict that my site is not professional)

btw, please make sure you have enough posts after you are hosted, since if your points drop below zero, ...
These are good.

- A computer
- Internet Connection
- Notepad / Wordpad
- A webhosting account somewhere on the internet or localhost
A text editor: Notepad, NoteTab, EditPad, PSPad, ConText ...
An FTP program: Filezilla, WS_FTP, CuteFTP ...
I'm using linux so: gedit. great editor with syntax highlighting
oh , and GIMP for design
Macromedia Flash ----> Notepad/Dreamweaver/Frontpage
Adobe Photoshop CS2
I Use Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver also Photoshop CS for the image editing and Filezilla for the uploading.
I use Namo Web editor.. it has lots of builtin stuff and also very easy to operate.

for Image design purpose I use Photoshop and Animation Flash
NAMO Webeditor is wonderfull program use is easy and make beatiful page. For image use photoshop.
i use:
Photoshop cs2
Dreamweaver 8
Fireworks 8
Rolling Eyes
Cute FTP is a good File uploader..
How about FCKeditor? It is an open source software. I've seen another post in the forum mentioning that it is good.

Anyone used FCKeditor?
oh and i use Filezilla for uploading and i am too starting to use Nvu Html Editor its free and the best free html editor i have used so far Smile
I design layouts with Corels Paintshop Pro X, image slice them (image slicer is like the best thing ever!!! Very Happy)
Then put it all together in tables on dreamweaver & add flash content made on macromedia flash.
I often use notepad if I want fix somthing minor (say a spelling mistake) instead of waiting for Dreamweaver to load - as it does take a while...

You will need:
-A CPU unit
-An OS
-A monitor
-A mouse and keyboard
-A motherboard
-A power plug and cable
-A monitor cable
-Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Imageready and Paint.
-Notepad, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive
-Macromedia Flash
-A subscription with your ISP for Internet access
-An IP address
-A modem to upload your website
-An FTP program to upload your website
-A web space with some bandwidth

-Your hands
-Your eyes
-Your nose

Do not take this as spam, I've enclosed it with the quote tags.
That's Funny Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
I just use Photoshop CS, Filezilla, and frontpage. My golive 6.0 started getting buggy, so i use frontpage now. Not so used to it though. Is namo that good?
I use Adobe PhotoShop CS, MS Studio X, Ultra Edit32
Macromedia Freehand, fireworks and director.
I personally prefer Photoshop and Dreamweaver.
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was using macromedia studio MX, photoshop 8 and other freewares.

however, now macromedia dreamweaver 8, flash 8, and photoshop CS2. These applications are still new to me to explore. (i haven't get time to study wat new features available although it's available in my system now)
Notepad all the way... im sure I said this somewhere else so go look there Razz huge explanation of reasons.
Boles Roor
I use Photoshop CS for the graphics and Notepad for the coding.
Photoshop is the most used program for image editing !.
depends if you know coding notpad is enough. otherwise use a wysisyg editor like frontpage or dreamweaver especially. Some people use word also but I do not recommend it.
Word?, that's pretty bad, is such a problem to work with that.
Cerebral Stasis
I like Photoshop CS much better than CS 2, since I'm used to the interface/hotkeys/etc. of 7/CS, and the change in CS 2 makes it annoying.

When building websites, I almost always use a combination of Photoshop/ImageReady CS, Dreamweaver 8, and 3D Studio Max or Maya; nothing but, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
i use Quanta Plus 3.3

on Slackware linux 10.2
i use Dreamweaver and fireworks
i use dream weaver which is so awesome i think its the best.
i also use photoshop which is again really cool.
I use Photoshop, Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and Microsoft Frontpage I basically use whatever I get to first. I think Dreamweaver is good tho.
I use Macromedia Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Corel Draw.
I use Frontpage(Dreamweaver for some script works), Photoshop CS, Macromedia Flash MX 2004, Fireworks for some image animations and then a cool dynamic website is ready

However I use EasyPHP to test the scripts on my computer without being connected to the net

Ha Ha
Cool Isn't IT
Avk :-)
I use Dreamweaver MX 2004 for coding and design.

Adobe Photoshop CS for Image editing.
I code mine all by hand. I just use something called Taco HTML Edit.
Well I use quiet a few programs lets see...
Dreamweaver 8 (Designing)
MS Frontpage (Uploading)
Microsoft Word (More for spelling)
Fireworks 8
Freehand MX
Flash 8
phpbb (For My Forums)
Microsoft Photo Suite
Internet Explorer (FTP)
Mozilla Firefoxs (Previewing)

That is pretty much it. The program that I probably use most though is dreamweaver.
I use frontpage. I used to use hmtl code but I found it took loger and I could do more stuff with frontpage but some free webspace doesnt have front page extensions.
macromedia studio MX and photoshop 8
Which editor can be used whose extensions are supported by many hosts .I am using Frontpage and cannot find many hosts.please tell which editor you all are using
To create a Web Page you ca use many softwares but before you create a web site , its better if you know some thing about HTML and a bit about images types .. The best software to create web page for me is Dreamweaver (for html editing) , Photoshop ( image editing) will do most of the job, Flash is also a grea software for adding animation to your site.
image editing: photoshop
server: apache
language: php
database: mysql
tools: editplus, photoshop and now currenly using joomla and smf. also love 4images

why bother with coding, unless its fun and there is nobody to do it for you? Razz
netjunk wrote:
I use frontpage. I used to use hmtl code but I found it took loger and I could do more stuff with frontpage but some free webspace doesnt have front page extensions.

That is the same problem iam facing
I use dreamweaver mx photo shop and fireworks mx and some notepad just mostly for a quick copy and paste though.
I am using cutesitebuilder. If i could use it then anybody else can, because i'm really slow to learn things connected with technology.

However, i consider it a challenge to learn new things and face it.

Pity my request for hosting my website on frihost has been refused so far.
sometimes PHP Designer 2005, sometimes Dreamweaver(for complicated things) and these days I tried Zend Studio 5 and it's pretty nice and I can recommend it to all of you guys.
I'm using dreamweaver mx 2k4 most of the time. Sometimes notepad for some quick edits.
Notepad. Smile
I use HTML-KIT and the frihost's 'Edit' option =/
Dreamweaver, Rapidweaver, Photoshop....
Dreamweaver, Photoshop and my BELOVED NOTEPAD!
HTML-Kit is pretty good. I use Smart FTP for uploading. Dreamweaver and TextPad are two other editors I've used.
LoGraf Free Website Editor
Teleport Pro ( for got any thing that i want from web ( picture , swf ))
SWF Decompiler program
and creative brain Very Happy is importance than any-program Idea
I use the Gimp for graphics. NVU for HTML. and Xemacs for css files. I use them under linux and they are all free Laughing .
gedit - ultimate tool
nvu - designing froms and all
gimp - graphics
gftp - uploading
firefox - testing
apache/mysql/php - webserver/database/programming language.
Bluefish & Crimson Editor & CSSED & Gimp & CorelDraw & Inkscape
If youre looking for a simple, easy to use program, look into NVU.

Not bad for beginners and those who want to get a site up in a hurry.
I use Photoshop Cs. Imageready Cs is wonderful to work with cool buttons and pictures with small size for webs.

I also use MS frontpage. I found it hard to work with moving pictures to a desired position. Can you help Question

Good luck
vi + Gimp (or some other vector solution)
I use Bluefish or NotePad++ to code HTML and Gimp or PaintShop Pro to graphics... All depends what OS I'm using. =)

Thnx for suggesting the Tool... Smile
I am using:

    Flash MX
    Crimson Editor
    PaintShop Pro
    Photoshop CS
    Fireworks MX

Depending on what I need to accomplish is what program that I use. I do a lot of hand coding in Dreamweaver and work on SQL files in Crimson editor. The graphics are worked in either PaintShop or Photoshop.
Can't beat Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Learn some javascript/dhtml for your menus. Trendy Flash for super-cool intros and Flash sites.
You can use Swish Programs for easy flash intros,menus,buttons for your site..

Swish Information:
I am using Frontpage 2003 and Netobject Funsion 8 its very nice to see and very easy for the HTML persons not known
NVU - - Easy to use, WUSIWYG HTML editor that is customizable with extensions: it is pretty good to make a good homepage, although is has some limitations, such it doesn't make frames... The best of all, is free software, open source!
ok thanks for the information i have downladed and using this
for creating webpages: AceHTML Pro
for creating buttons and images: Xara, Photoshop
for creating snapshots: Screenshot Captor
I am using only File Zilla and it works very well for me , it can transfer files with ease and doesn't take much time.

It is also very easy to use , I had tried a lot of FTP Programs to connect to the host but only File Zilla worked good for me.
Example : I tried to access my web space with IpSwith FTP but always failed
I just signed up on frihost, and I really can't find the answer to this most simple question:

Does frihost offer a program for creating a website?

I just want to create a very simple website that has a form on it, and use some kind of scripting lanquage that will return the form info to me in an email.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!
If you have a mac I would recommend TextMate. its a very good editor for coding. I would not recommend dreamweaver over textmate. textmate is very customizable, and can make your workflow much faster if used right.
Macromedia Fireworks and Dreamweaver are essential, as is Photoshop and Illustrator. Adobe GoLive or whatever it is called always struck me as a hideous nightmare, but your milage may vary
i use dreamweaver 8 ps2 imageready
dreamweaver is good i used it and it work

and it have all tolls u need to create ur page and have afree template which u can use it

addtional to supporting xml and script ....etc
I use the following: Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX, sometimes I use notepad. I like going back to the old ways sometimes.
Adobe photoshop and Micromedia Dreamweaver MX. The two best software is enogh.
I use Micromedia Dreamweaver MX witch i prefer very much.
Once I used Netobject Funsion 8 but it is more for drag and drop.
With the Micromedia Dreamweaver MX you can create guestbooks without
an SQL Database.
But you can also connect users to databases, web services, and legacy systems.
I think it is the best at the moment.
4 programs dreamweaver, macromedia flash, adobe photoshop cs2 and for the minor errorn the most powerful "NOTEPAD"! its the best html editor, very easy to find and use... "very handy"
for coding its
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Homesite
Microsoft Webdeveloper

for desing
flash 8
paintshop pro
These are a must:

- Photoshop cs or cs2
- Page Maker (Real Version not a bootleg)
- Notepad

If you use them you will only spend about $500.
it depends what kind of web page u are building. for simple html pages, frontpage would be good enuff. however, if u want to build php or asp pages, dreamweaver is the recommended software to use, as frontpage cannot read php files
I use mainly flash and dreamweaver, and pretty much everything is done in those two programs (including image editing, banners, etc). for ftp i use cuteftp, and sometimes I use notepad to make simple changes (like gramattical changes).
Hi, for design use Photoshop Cs2, for coding Pajączek Pro, Edhtml Smile
macromedia studio 8,
adobe creative suite,
ultra edit 12
visual studio web express 2005,
firefox + addon extension,
Ulead Gif Animator 5.0,
DBDesigner4.0.5.6, for designing mysql database

for the beginner Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft Frontpage is good. if you know how to make a word document, it's easy like that. just type put some pictures, tables ans anything you want to show on the web.

if you have some experiece already Dreamweaver still good choice bcoz it can support all kinds or webpage files you can create most kind of site. it will be great if you combine it with Macromedia Flash (not recommend if ou are the begnner coz it's damn hard to understand)

Also Ulead Gif Animator is a good tool to make a cool animation picture

hope this help ^^
Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Frontpage for windows.
Nvu for linux.
Windows : Dreamweaver
Linux : Bluefish
I use:
photoshop CS2
dreamweaver 4
And notepad.

Photo shop makes some awsome things, good program! Very Happy
i use Dreamweaver and fireworks and photoshop & frontpage
I just use the prebuilt programs like PHP-Nuke or phpBB. I've never really understood how to build a site from scratch. I was just never interested in that kind of thing.
My recipe for a good website , consists of these . Wordpress , Photoshop and Illustrator , Aranae .
i do use , firefox and IE to test the webpages .

HTML Kit is another great software to give a try .
Dreamweaver is a very good piece of software. I think Adobe owns the rights to make and sell it now because they bought out Macromedia. Personally, I just use a text-editor and start typing away with my PHP code, then save it as a .php file. You really do not need that much to do web coding.
I have used many program for media player :

- Power VCD/DVD
- JukeBox Media Player
- Winamp
- RealOne Player
- Windows Media Player

I think the best is : - JukeBox Media Player.

It has complete audio/video format supported.

heridlia wrote:
I have used many program for media player :

- Power VCD/DVD
- JukeBox Media Player
- Winamp
- RealOne Player
- Windows Media Player

I think the best is : - JukeBox Media Player.

It has complete audio/video format supported.


I think you posted in the wrong forum, we're now talking about web editors.
Anyway, I use Photoshop CS2, Dreamweaver and notepad to make my webpages
Well, if you are looking for free programs, you could check out what i use - the new Microsoft expression line ( It has a fully-fledged editor, and the expression graphic designer is awesome, a full graphics editor with transparent png support... its great
For those who want some free stuffs in building web's what I got...GIMP for image editing, NVU ..a WYSIWYG editor...or emacs... flex...a flash free version in LINUX, ...but I think they will change the name... use this for animation or looks enhancement. Apache for your webserver... PHP...server side scripting ..lastly, MYSQL for your database backend... Last two softwares are use if you like your website to be dynamic.
I use Notepad2 for coding XHTML/HTML ect, and TopStyle Lite for CSS editing. Both are freely available. Notepad2 has syntax highlighting for all kinds of files, and TopStyle Lite has an extensive database of CSS2 attributes etc, very good program.

For image editing I use either Photoshop CS2 or PaintShop Pro at the moment.

I've never used Macromedia Studio software, but plan to soon as it's part of the web development course I am doing.
I reccoment the CMS's, but if you want a normal one you could use HTML Gate Free. ( you can find it like: htmlgate, htmlgatefree, htmlgatefreen, html gatefreen)
Hello everyone,
GOOd day.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2, Macromedia dreamweaver 8
and Macromedia Flash 8.

Thank you.
I didnt know there was so many tools to build web pg... (yes I m new at all this !)
I use dreamweaver 8 and Firework 8 and for the graphic paintshoppro 9.
I just got notepad++ (mentioned in another post i just read) so going to try my hand at that too.
Im using dreamweaver & Microsoft Frontpage 2003 Smile for designing i use Photoshop CS2 & Uploading to the webserver FileZilla Very Happy
I use Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 most. Sometimes I also use Microsoft FrontPage Express to design the webpages. How about you? I also want to change a different software for designing webpages. Can you suggest some?
I think whatever software you use depends on your knowledge and experience, plus, some people just don't get on with WYSIWIG editors such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage, I'm one of them Smile I have used both a WYSIWIG editor and a text editor for doing stuff in the past. I bought some software called Xara Webstyle 4, mainly for creating button graphics, but it also comes with numerous web page templates. Only thing is, it doesn't create valid code. So if I like the look of a template in Webstyle, I'll create the page in that, then open it up in Notepad2 and make it all valid code.
For me, it's Bluefish, Konqueror, and Gimp. <-- *Linux user as well*
dreamweaver 8, is very easy tio manage sites, and support the most commons files (html, htm, asp-vbscript,, javascript, xml)
I am using Frontpage, Nvu which is free and for images I use photoshop.
I am new to all these web technologies and I find it very interesting.
I hear Dreamweaver is nice, but I have yet to use it.
just use photoshop or fireworks for your graphic stuff, but it is always better if you know to hand code your stuff
I would like to use Dreamwaver 8, when I younger I liked to use Microsoft FrontPage 2003. Now Dreamwaver was belonged to Adobe. It is a professional website designing software. But it is a paid software. I need to pay for it. But, it can make a website more beautiful, so I don't care of the money for designing my own website. What is the software you use to design your own website???
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