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Best Fast Food Joints & Restaurants in North America

I love the travel channel shows Man versus Food and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.

What are some of the best fast food joints, unique eats and restaurants you've been too or are located in your neck of the woods?
in n' out is the best fast food on the west coast!
In Mississippi-
The Shed.
Way back in the day, a junkyard/dump owner in the Midwest decided to change careers and become a BBQ cook.
So, he cobbled together a lot of the junk in his property into one huge, grotesque vehicle, and set off Southwards. He made it to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, and there he stopped. He disassembled the vehicle, and reassembled the parts into the beginning of a BBQ restaurant. He was very good at his new career, and makes some of the best BBQ anywhere. Over time, his place grew. People kept donating junk to add to the building and grounds.
Today, the place looks literally like a dump, 'trash' all around. The tables are old plywood and the chairs are mostly old rejects from local schools, and hardly any of either match at all. The walls are slapped together out of old junk, and old junk decorates the walls everywhere, and where there's no junk, there are the written names and messages from all the previous patrons. There's also a huge (also cobbled together) outdoor eating area where concerts are held on weekends.
If you catch a glimpse of the kitchen though, you'll see that it is all spotless modern stainless steel - very clean and tidy.
The food though, is outstanding, the best BBQ I've ever had... They slow-cook it for days, and it gets so tender you have to be very careful not to bite through the bones.
I would advise anyone traveling to/through Mississippi to visit it, it's an experience not to be missed.
Mc Donald´s lol,fast,simple,without
I don't know whether this restaurant still exist. It was in the Queen Mary Hotel in LA (an old ship that was converted into a Hotel), and was called Sir Winston's. At that time I was still a meat eater, and the prime rib I had must have been the best ever.
Tomys Join in San Francisco. variety of affordable foods and international beers, what more could you possible want? boy i sounds like ad person
Mc Donalds ahhaaha
If you can find a 'Grill'd Healthy Burgers' chain store, I'd definitely recommend it... the burgers are, as they say, healthy, and there are many options available - including those to accommodate gluten intolerance and other food allergies. Smile
Well thanks for sharing with us i never go to America. Very Happy Smile Sad
I think pizza is the best option
tomys Join in San Francisco. variety of affordable foods and international beers, what more could you possible want? boy i sounds like ad person
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