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I think a [spoiler]-tag similar to the SMF-addon would be great.

The code:
[spoiler]spoiled text 8)[/spoiler]
results in the following:

At first, only the Spoiler-button is shown, but when a user clicks on it, the contents are shown.

This spoiler-button has three uses:
1. In eg. the Movies, Literature and Games-forums to avoid spoiling key plot-points of works.
2. In threads like this. Threads that have very large images could really benefit from a spoiler-tag as the images could be hidden by default. Now, when I want to view the latest images of Metallica (since I've already seen previous images I don't really need to see them again) from the example thread, I have to wait for the whole thread and all the images to load before I can scroll down and view the new ones. With a spoiler-tag I could simply scroll down directly, click the spoiler-button and view the new images. This is especially useful for users with limited bandwidth or internet connection speed.
3. The example is the same thread as 2. Look at the zombie image. This image is artistically taken and is not too 'obscene' for Frihost (imo). It could still, however, be regarded as scary by younger viewers. Such images could be hidden at first with a spoiler-tag and a warning given.
It can have other uses as well but these are the three main points that I can see.
I fully support this idea, especially since we have a forum about games. Some people don't want to read about plotlines in games they haven't beaten/bought yet.
Great idea catscratches. When I do a posting I always like to quote text, but feel guilty as well as it takes up reading space. This way it won't irritate those who aren't interested in the posting or don't want to read or see the quotes. Others who do want to read can click on the spoiler button.

I have a question for you: would the Search feature be able to pick up on content of the spoiler text?
Depends on how the Search-function and Spoiler-tag is coded.

If the Search-function is coded to search through the "raw posts" (ie. in BB-code format) then it would be able to find text within spoiler-tags (unless told to dismiss such information from the search, a change that I don't think would be very hard to implement).
If the Search-function, on the other hand, is coded to search through the "rendered post" (ie. in HTML-format, for example if the Search function is based on Google), it all depends on how the Spoiler-tag is coded. If it's coded with hidden divs, it would show up in searches (this is probably the most practical solution, and I think it's the one the SMF-addon uses). However, if it uses AJAX to get the posts when one clicks on the Spoiler-tag (which I don't think would be the ideal solution) it wouldn't show up in searches.

I don't know how the Frihost Search feature is made so I'm not quite sure. I think it's most likely that spoiler-tags would show up in searches, though.
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