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i miss my dog

i feed my first dog last winter when my son 10years old,,,it's gift 4 my son,but my mother don't like it ,the terrible things is it bited my sister when she come to see my mather,,so i had to seen it 2 my friend,,my friend is not a responsibel guy ,he sent 2 another guy i dont konw...i feel bad,,oh ,my dog 'name is tony,,,a collic dog
i love my dog (trogy) he is very nice pupy i gor for playing with him... Laughing Laughing Laughing
I love dogs too,i just dont belive how is possible somebody hurt that animals,they just want love and food,and somebody to pick up the *&% they do every day lol.
At least your dog is alive. Mine is dead and I had to watch it died cos of old age. I miss Samson so much thinking about him makes me cry. How I wish dogs life span can be increased.
Why did Tony bite your sister? Don't just blame the dog. Examine the roles everyone played in your sisters incident. What warning signs were ignored weeks before it happened? You want the next dog to be a better experience for everyone.
I miss mine too we just had to put down my 11 year old dalmation he was a great dog Smile
foumy6 wrote:
I miss mine too we just had to put down my 11 year old dalmation he was a great dog Smile
Are you going to replace the dog, as the other dog who is left behind must be quite heartbroken as well. Can't believe you have four Tom cats and only two tabbies! How did that happen, and how do the two tabby cats survive? Shocked
i also had japanese spitz before...i missed that dog...he was very playful and smart dog...
Awwww that sucks dude. I had a dog named fluffy .. I know what a common name lol.. Any ways we didint have slot of space for him and he was a really wild dog would run around all around the house. So we had to give him away to my uncle and my dog ran away because he was sad from not being with us and he got ran over. A couple days later my uncle called us and told us the bad news. I was really sad I still haven gotten over it and it's been 3 years.
i am sorry to hear about that.
If i ever had to give my dogs away id be sad
Once my one dog was lost which was so nice and beautiful and I miss her too.
I miss my little buddy Jasper as well, he was a little 7 lb. poodle, and was the smartest best friend I ever had. He was 13 years old when I had to put him down that was in Dec. 2009, and not a day has gone by that I have not thought about him or how much I loved him.

He was left over from my divorce, the ex who had to have him, was going to give him away because she did not want him any more. She was moving out of my house, and I told her absolutely not, he was going to stay with me in my home, where he grew up.

I took the best care of him I possibly could, but his heart became enlarged and was crushing his trachea, and slowly suffocating him to death. It had gotten pretty bad for him, but before it got worse, I had to call it and not let him suffer anymore, and put him down. I buried him in my back yard under the pear tree where he used to sit in the shade all the time.

That pear tree had never once in 12 years produced any fruit, summer of 2010 first summer he was buried under the tree, it bore so much fruit I was giving away bags of pears.....funny huh?

I miss him more than I have ever missed any human, and much more than I miss the ex-wife!! Crying or Very sad
Once I also have a very nice dong. He was very sincere to me and to my family, we all love them including my friends. He likes to play soccer with me. And if anyone interested to adopt a dog as a pet,
I think it will be fine. My dog is no more with me now but I missed him very much
you are a good loving dog human ....
i love dog s
we belive he will go to the paradise!
Once I also have a very nice dong.

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