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Account suspension

Hi guys,

I tried to open my site this morning and I noticed that my account has been suspended. So I checked my mail and saw two messages from frihost. The first said "
User eneka38 has used up 101% of his/her bandwidth and 0.02% of his/her allocated disk space" and the second said my account has been suspended due to bandwidth over usage. But both mails were sent at the same time and I also checked my statistics yesterday and it said I had used 7.8gb. I really don't know how it reached 10gb this morning. Please I would be grateful if you help me look into it. Thanks.
Yes, you did exceed the limit. It seems like a few days you used over 2GB/day and on other days sometimes nothing.

I checked your account and it seems like you uploaded a proxy script (please note that we strictly do not allow this since it isn't even allowed by the datacenter) called tutorial.php and from what I gather this file was constantly accessed and caused the bandwidth usage.
So please what should I do to get my account re-activated?
I unsuspended it and changed the bandwidth maximum to 13GB for this month. However you will need to remove the proxy, since it is not allowed.
Thanks a million.
Paraventure, they suspend my account, can i unsuspend it, and if yes how...?
Soloshow56 wrote:
Paraventure, they suspend my account, can i unsuspend it, and if yes how...?

The following quote is from one of my replies to your posts...

Welcome to the site/forums for a start Smile

Regarding your request for help, you won't get any free hosting (or cPanel access) until you make the required number of quality posts here in the community, and then apply for the free services.

Quality posts do not include txt spk, sav dat 4 ur mobi yeh, but they do include contributing your views and opinions on the many different discussions here on Frihost.
It's a rule that helps keep people out who don't want to make any effort for the services, and it seems to work as this is quite a nice place to get involved with interesting online conversations.

Share your views and post some of the stuff that must be interesting in your life, I bet someone here will share the same things.
You'll get your hosting and free stuff after a while, and by then you'll probably enjoy logging into this place just for the forums as well.
Gud day @ gurus in d aus, if i av or host a site wit ur great site, it work fine, n later no i left 4 lng, mayb abt 2 to three months, wil my acct b suspend...? If No..., den wot is d duration or period 4 d suspension of acct afta several months or wikz...
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