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breast cancer

my mom has stage 2 breast cancer any suggestion on food that she can eat and medicine that can

make her live longer?
I'm not a expert nor experienced ... so my message to you is to support her in every aspect of her battle. Sure a healthy diet is important, but I'm convinced that a good medical treatment is more important then her diet.
So a good follow-up from doctors et al is what she needs right now. Hope she has them !

I wish you and your mom all the strength she needs .
Same here. I'm sorry you have to go through this ordeal. I agree, what your mom needs most is lots of support, without fussing too much and making her feel like an invalid. Also, not to talk behind her back and to hide things from her. I also agree good medical treatment would be vital right now. A sensible vegetarian diet that is high in alkaline foods as opposed to foods that can create acid, such as meat, overcooked veggies and processed foods etc. would probably be beneficial. But more important would be a positive spirit and attitude so that she can fire up her will power to survive cancer. I hope you can find a medical doctor who is good with people and who can make her feel confident in her chances for surviving cancer. Nowadays though I'm almost certain there are many health practitioners who are experts in how to deal with cancer patients and their families in a positive and supporting way.
It's always difficult to hear of this happening to anyone that touches our lives. I'm sure the entire Frihost community sympathizes with you.

Listen to your doctors and read everything you can get your hands on. There has been many people travel this same path and survived for many many years. Read the books that survivors have written.

If she's a strong willed person, you could set her up with a wordpress blog here at frihost where she could vent her feelings.
keep good emotion.Cancer is not terrible.
at supper eat less food to hold hungry sense.
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