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USB Trouble

I'm trying to connect a new PC Oscilloscope device to a laptop XP PC using the laptop's USB ports. The device - a Hantek DSO-5200 USB - allows any PC to function as a nicely featured Oscilloscope.

The device installs normally on my Compaq Presario 900 laptop PC. When connected to the Presario's USB ports (the device uses two USB ports) it is seen by the Presario and the application opens normally. My problem is the PC Oscilloscope application is unstable and crashes quite often. Only the application crashes, not the PC itself. The Presario has USB 1.1 ports with (I think) the latest USB drivers.

As a test, I installed the device on an desktop PC running XP that also has USB 1.1 ports with the same USB drivers as the Presario laptop. The result: the devices application works fine and does not crash.

Now why do I have application instability and crashes when attached to my Presario laptop USB 1.1 ports but not when I attach the device to my desk-top PC running the same OS and having the same USB 1.1 ports with the same USB drivers?

Suspecting my laptop's USB ports may be underpowered, do I need to connect the PC Ocilloscope device to an 'outboard' powered USB hub on my Presario laptop? Do I need to try a 'Cardbus' USB adapter inserted into my Presario's Cardbus slot?

Any ideas?
check your devicemanager if you're missing drivers, that is the only thing I can think of if it crashes on the laptop and not on the desktop.
also, are there any differences between the 2 machines? ram, CPU, ect....
i think you need to check your system properties. try this click computer management then click device manager then right click, check if the usb properly installed.
Fire Boar
USB 1.1 drivers come with Windows XP so that won't be a problem. The application crashes... could be anything really. The first place I'd look is Windows updates. Are all the same updates installed on both machines? It could be that the laptop is either missing an update that fixes a problem causing the crashes, or has an update installed that causes the problem. It could also be other installed applications.

Another suggestion: can you forcibly crash the program? For example, does yanking out the USB device crash it? What about on the desktop?

To reliably isolate the issue, while this is a little advanced, there might be merit in downloading and installing VirtualBox, creating a temporary VM instance, installing on it a fresh copy of Windows and running the oscilloscope application on that, to see if it crashes. If not, then it's a software issue, otherwise a hardware issue is more likely.
It sounds like it may be a very resource intensive app. Many laptops are known for having poor cooling. Overheating usually won't effect just just app running. But, it's something to consider. It could be some flakey RAM causing the problem.
I think u should check out the device manager.
You can get to it by Click right click on my computer>properties>Device manager.
Check out if all drivers are properly installed.
if not you should search for the drivers on the net. Wink
try this one:
While I have been unable to solve the mystery of the O'scope application working OK with USB 1.1 ports on my XP SP3 desktop, but NOT working on my notebook XP SP3 with USB 1.1 ports, I did find a workaround.

I purchased a Cardbus (aka PCMCIA) to USB 2.0 adapter which extends 4 X USB 2.0 ports from one notebook Cardbus slot. With my O'scope 'pod' connected to these USB 2.0 ports, the application works, doesn't crash and all is well.

I should mention that the 1st Cardbus - USB 2.0 adapter did not work, but the 2nd (different supplier) adapter did work even though they both used the same drivers (NEC). Go figure!

Thanks all for all the posts and suggestions. I hope my solution might help someone with a similar USB problem. Smile
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