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DIY- fix the US federal budget.

This nifty little interactive chart from the NY times lets you try out your own solution to fixing the national deficit, measured by the projected 2015 shortfall and the projected 2030 shortfall.

Simply selecting options based on a Libertarian's view of limited, less involved, smaller government, I turned the 2015 shortfall of $418 billion into a $161 billion surplus, and the 2030 $1,345 billion shortfall into a $895 billion surplus... (27% tax increases, 73% spending cuts)

That's assuming that all my cuts would be politically viable of course... and they're not.
The recipients of that $1.6 trillion I cut out would fight hard to keep their money/handouts.
It might save the country, but I'd be the most unpopular leader in a long time.

So, I'm wondering, how do you fix the budget? Go ahead and try it, and let us know how.
Interesting little game. Rather obvious though - cut spending and raise taxes.
Probably by uncomplicating the Federal Government programmes first by getting rid of the system of Government that is complicating it. Or get external auditors to check through the programmes, and provide specialist input with regard to which programmes are essential, which programmes could be contracted out, and which ones should be let go off. Then change the Government system so that there will be greater financial responsibility in making decisions about programmes from a funding point of view. This could be accomplished by having an independent financial auditor who provides advice as to whether the Government can afford any programme that is being considered, before the legislation stage. Basically the suggestion then is to get an independent ombudsman that audits suggestions for programmes before they are legislated from a cost and priority point of view.
standready wrote:
cut spending and raise taxes.

Of course... But which spending should be cut, and which taxes should be raised?
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