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Why was the Movie named 2012 believed to be true?

Perhaps some people here hasn't heard of this Chinese movie name 2012, which is the first Chinese one related to future disasters. According to the description of the movie, disasters will attack the earth in 2012.

I am curious that why there are so many Chinese who believe it will come true. Isn't it only a movie, a composed story? It seems to me a large number of audience look on it as a scientific prediction. Suppose They were not just joking.....
the same reason people everywhere else believe that the world will end in 2012 because that is when the Mayan calendar ends. People are generally stupid and gullible, and there will always be tons of people who will believe the latest hoax. Look at how many people believed that Y2K crap.
Those of us working in the industry believed it.
OK - I certainly didn't think that planes would fall from the sky and life would come to a sudden end, but I was well aware of some of the potentially serious problems that could have happened.
What people don't realise is that thousands of people like me started months, even years, before the event to carry out complete systems audits, implement patches/changes and testing. THAT is why there were so few system failures.
At the time I was working as Systems Manager at Corning Optical Fibre. The manufacturing process that the computer systems controlled was extremely hazardous - one of the waste products was Chlorine Gas in large quantities. If we had not audited and changed both the hardware and software running the process control, it is quite possible that a very large cloud of Chlorine gas would have been vented over North Wales, with potentially horrific consequences.
Chlorine gas across North Wales... potentially horrific or nescessary evil?

Seriously though; what does this company do with all the harmful gaseous waste? Just vent it in small bursts? I'm not some greenpeace eco warrior, am just curious.

Regarding the apocolypse hoax theory... I'd say its suspiciously good for business.

Heres a not very conclusive list of end of days predictions I found: mostly to do with religion and money. No wait, just money, faith is incidental.
I don't know it there is a Chinese movie called 2012 but there is a Hollywood movie called 2010.
People who believe that the world will end in 2012, because of the movie, are really nuts.
The Mayans didn't have Christmas, and thanksgiving holidays on their calendar. Laughing

If the world was supposed to end in 2012, it would come on the newspapers, wouldn't it?
And then finally, countries would come together, instead of fighting, to find a common solution, to evacuate the planet to another more habitable planet.
They have found a planet that is habitable, but to reach there would probably take couple of lifetimes, and a spaceship.
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