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Pets forum?

I wouldn't mind there being a Pets main forum, and not having Pets lumped in with Hobbies. Pets/Animals are NOT hobbies, they are members of the family, living, breathing creatures, as opposed to bottle collections, or photography. Even when they're NOT pets, like if someone wants to ask about the temperment of native animals for a trip, they're stuck asking about it in Hobbies, and would probably turn to a more specialized forum to ask. If we had Animals/Pets in their OWN section, people wouldn't feel like they would have to turn elsewhere, and would give those with true knowledge to actually interact, respond, and JOIN in the first place.

I think it's a grevous hinderance to the possibilities, here. There's literally nowhere to ask a cat expert specifically about cats, or about dog behaviour, or talk about what Portia's secret backyard animal was (Google "Portia's mystery creature Ellen" if you have no idea what I'm referencing here)

Also, it's next to impossible to post seriously about pets. You aren't guaranteed to get any response because it's all lumped in with hobbies, and experts at hobbes can't answer as to why, for instance, Jojo's cat has been clawing the walls, or Casey's Horse sweats at night.

If we were to separate pets from the hobbies section, I think those with pets would post and ask more.

My suggestion is this:

Animals needs it's own Forum Section - Canines, Felines, Birds, Fish, Exotics, Wild, and Farm. It covers all the bases, and cracks the pet section WIDE OPEN.

I would feel much more open to posting about my fish in a fish forum, rather than a "hobbies and animals" section. I actually have a pets forum I'm on because frihost doesn't have a specified section. It's quite annoying not to be able to ask things in my home forum and have to venture out to forums where I have no personal connection.
It's fine for me. Like you said a Hobbies forum and a Pets and Animals forum seems the best split.

Of course if enough people would be interested in it. But I just checked the current forum and a good part is about animals, so that won't be a problem I assume.
That is one of the more tenuous combinations of forums here... But you have to make some concession to reducing the number of different sections.

(Though an easier target for combination would be 'education' under science and 'jobs and learning', since everyone is just using the science-->education forum like a general-->education forum anyway.)
I agree with Bondings. There are plenty of threads on pets in the Hobby Forum. Ocalhoun also has a good point, to keep it in the same thread is a good trade-off for not having too many sub-forums. I'm also worried, I think the majority of threads in the Hobby Forum are about animals.
Splitting them is a good idea in my opinion. However maybe like Ocalhoun was saying we look into maybe combining some of the other ones. We don't want too many general forums out there... then it can get overwhelming for people like me who just want to see what new threads are out there. I don't want to have to go in 90 different categories to get to it.
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