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can i create a website that works in every webreader?

Is there anyway to create a website that works in every webreaders?
if so: how?
keep it basic, its the only way it will work in EVERY browser.

use to check compatability
So if i want to make a website that is includes javascripting and/or php-scripting, it simply wont work in all webreaders?
php will work ofc, as that is fully server side, which then sends a html output to a user, javascript is not supported in all browsers, so that is out unfortunately.
So i should use php if i want my website to work in all webreaders?
do you know any good tutorial on php?
Markulin wrote:
So i should use php if i want my website to work in all webreaders?
do you know any good tutorial on php?

php is not neccessary to make a website. HTML is what a persons browser sees and it is then interpreted by the browser to produce what you see when you visit any webpage.

it is html that you need to learn first, before you even think of anything else.
Just make your website first and worry about compatibility later. wc3 will help you out. Again, make the "art" first and then worry about validation. If you don't, it's problem solved anyway, because nobody is going to want to look at an ugly site in any browser. Just hit up the top 3 or 4 too. Don't bother with every single browser. The way I see it, if you want to use obscure beta versions of open source experimental modified browser hybrids, you've already made your choice. Firefox, IE, Opera, Google Chrome? FF and Opera tend to agree. IE has gotten better but is still the main non complying irritant. But usually the *hack is no big deal (css). And job done. Last point before I get off my soapbox because it's cold up here: Design what looks good and don't worry too much about the avante browsers of the world. And don't worry if some kid in Poland can't view your site. There's a whole nation of China who can't either. Also, you'll never please everyone. The blind for example, with their alt tags. I'm sure the blind looking at my designs is my top priority. Make it, make it better, make it better again. Code it. Fix it. Put it in print.
Maybe use something like for your website? Than just use an existing theme or create your own one.
Like pentangeli suggest just start with your first page. Don't worry if all browser can read this or not. Ones you are finish your page and use correct definitions (tags, scripts, etc.) you will see 90%+ of browsers will show your page correct. Of course you can install on your computer 5-6 main browsers, server and maybe (if you need) PHP and MySql and see on localhost what happened before uploading on server.

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